Ed Strapagiel

2015 Outlook for Canadian Retail Sales is (Mostly) Good

Overall, 2015 looks strong. Here's a forecast of the numbers

Canadian Retail Sales Looking Up

Total retail sales in Canada increased in September 2014 - the highest single month gain in the last 2½ years.

Canadian Retail Sales Fundamentally Sound; Some Optimism for the Holiday Season

Statistics Canada indicates that retail sales increased 2.5% in August 2014 over the same month a year ago on a not seasonally adjusted basis. This was a low point for the year, mostly caused by a particularly poor month at supermarkets and other grocery stores. Other retail store types however picked up some of the slack.

Canadian Retail Sales Gaining Strength (Despite What You May Have Heard)

The latest reports are that retail sales in Canada declined 0.1% in July 2014 versus June, but this could be misleading. The result is based on Statistics Canada's seasonally adjusted data, but the seasonal adjustment factors are estimates. For July, the adjustment factor applied was 5.9%, and even a modest misestimate here could significantly change the end result. 

Canadian Retail Sales Improving

Statistics Canada's latest numbers show a relatively strong gain of 4.8% in total retail sales in June 2014 over the same month a year ago, on a not seasonally adjusted basis. This is the best result since October of last year...

Canadian Retail Sales Up, But Weak Spots Abound: StatsCan

Statistics Canada's latest numbers show an increase in retail sales for May of 2014. Although it's the highest monthly gain so far this year, these results are not evenly spread...

The Uptick in Canadian Retail Sales is Not a Trend

By Ed Strapagiel

Statistics Canada latest retail sales numbers for April 2014 indicate a strong gain, up a seasonally adjusted 1.1% from the previous month. On a not seasonally adjusted basis, the gain was much higher, and up 6.1% from April a year ago. Much of the reason for this however is Easter, which was in April in 2014 but in March last year. A complication is that seasonal adjustment is an estimate based on historical trends which may be off for the current year...

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