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How Incentivizing Consumers to Return to Foodservice Businesses Can Jumpstart the Economy: Sylvain Charlebois

A study shows 40% of Canadians will avoid restaurants for the next while, and assistance to make dining establishments safer may help.

Mass Bankruptcies and Store Closures Expected in Canada by Early 2021: Experts

Store closures and weaker consumer spending due to COVID-19 will see retail in Canada change substantially over the next six months.

Canada Could Become Over-Saturated with Cannabis Retail Stores

After a lull post-legalization, hundreds of cannabis stores are opening in Canada and not all will survive, according to experts.

COVID-19 to have Permanent Impact on Canadian Retail Industry: Expert

Bruce Winder says that similar to the Great Depression, consumers will shift priorities and become thriftier amid government support and lost wealth.

Brands in Canada Must Adjust to a New Reality Post COVID-19 or Perish: Expert

Seasoned industry expert John Torella says that while some brands and retailers are open to change, many aren’t willing and thus will ultimately fail.
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