Field Agent

Field Agent Canada Launches Innovative Retail Ratings Program for Online Products

The company leverages crowdsourcing and mobile technology to have real Canadian shoppers buy a brand’s products and leave honest ratings and reviews on-line.

Big-Ticket Purchases in Canada Plunge Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: Survey

A study by Field Agent finds that most Canadians are holding off on making major purchases at a challenging time for finances, which as a result will hit sectors of the economy.

In-Depth Study Explores Canadian Holiday Shopping Habits

Canadians are starting their holiday shopping much earlier these days and retailers need to be ready for the onslaught both in their stores and online.

Field Agent Launches Revolutionary ‘Find & Fix’ Service to Improve In-Store Execution

The Canadian company has created an efficient crowdsourcing platform to identify execution gaps at retail and resolve them quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

Canadians Find In-Store Displays ‘Boring’: Study

Field Agent interviewed 250 Canadians about their opinions, and the results of its survey were not very good.

Canadian Whole Foods Stores Examined Under Amazon Ownership

Reports of issues in US locations promoted Field Agent to tour and survey consumers visiting Whole Foods' Canadian stores.
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