Podcast [Interview]: Melissa Austria of Gotstyle Talks Retail in Toronto

Craig and Melissa discuss the history of Toronto-based Gotstyle and how the retail brand that she founded in 2005 has been able to weather the pandemic, in addition to thoughts and ideas about the future of high-end fashion retail in Canada.

Retail Shift in Canada to Temporary Spaces: Interview with Gotstyle Founder Melissa Austria

The founder of the popular retail lifestyle concept explains how the landscape is changing and how she avoided a potentially catastrophic lease renewal prior to the start of the pandemic.

Retail Photo Tour: Retail at The Distillery Historic District in Toronto and What’s to Come

The special area is seeing new retailers and a new concept that has not been announced to the public until now.

Gotstyle Opening Mens + Women’s Store November 30th in Toronto’s Distillery District

Gotstyle, one of Canada's most innovative fashion retailers, opens a 6,700 square foot store in Toronto's Distillery District on Friday, November 30th. We previously reported the store's opening including it's naked man video, and now womenswear will be included in...

Gotstyle Opening 6000 sq ft Men’s Store in Toronto’s Distillery District

Next month Toronto's Gotstyle men's store opens a 6000 square foot location at Toronto's Distillery District. The store carries an extensive selection of edgy clothing including our favourite tie designer/manufacturer, Knot Theory. The new Gotstyle will be a welcome...
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