‘Microshopping’ Trips Becoming the Norm for Canadians Buying Groceries: Study

A new report shows that Canadians continue to embrace brick-and-mortar grocery retail, and are doing so more frequently than in the past.

Canadian Food Retailers too Slow to Embrace Voice Assistance Technology: Expert

Industry expert Sylvain Charlebois says retailers are missing opportunities as consumers gravitate to voice-assisted searches and other technology. Not getting on board could leave some companies in the dust.

Canadian Retail Forecast for 2019: Slower Growth and Challenges with Opportunity 

A flood of store closing announcements this year are causing concern to the industry, while international retailers continue to enter the country seeking a piece of the pie. Despite economic and other challenges, there are bright spots. 

Battle of the Grocery Retailers Heats up in Bloor-Yorkville [Analysis]

The neighbourhood boasts Canada’s highest density of grocery retailers that are contained within blocks of the intersection of Yonge and Bloor Streets. It is seeing intense competition from new entrants as well as existing stores that are renovating and expanding.

Will ALDI and Lidl Enter Canada and Disrupt the Grocery Industry? 

Both retailers have a proven track record of being successful in almost all markets that they have entered, turning the competition on its head while gaining significant market share.

Organic Garage Continues Grocery Expansion

The unique organic grocery retail concept is aimed at a wide spectrum of the population -- and the strategy is working. 

Loblaw on the Defensive as the Amazon Bogeyman Lurks

Homegrown retailers are taking steps to combat significant disruption in the Canadian grocery industry.

Why Canada is Wary of Online Grocery Shopping

The question is, are sales in Canada low because demand is low, or because there are not many good options?

The Grocerant: How Smart Grocery Stores are Becoming Hybrids

“Grocerant,” a word combining “grocer” and “restaurant.” The term has been around for a few years, but it seems to have gone mainstream in recent months. Or at least it’s a term most of us will be hearing more often.

Innovative Grocery Chain Freson Bros. Discusses Growth Plans

The popular family-owned company has plans to grow to 20 stores by 2026 & perhaps even outside of the province.
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