Despite Economic Challenges, Edmonton Retail Leasing Market Experiences Growth and Expansion: JLL Report/Interview

Edmonton is seeing increased demand for retail space as new retailers enter the market in the athletic, fashion and luxury sectors.

Calgary Retail Leasing Market Thrives Amid High Demand and Diminishing Supply: JLL Report

Population growth and a positive outlook for the oil industry are supporting long-term prospects, according to the report.

Economic Strains Dampen Montréal’s Retail Growth, But Luxury and Transit Projects Could Spark Revival: JLL Report

Montreal retail has struggled recently and leasing activity has been particularly slow downtown, while a new luxury mall and a growing transit network could help things this year.

JLL Grocery Report Highlights Contrasting Strategies Among Canadian Grocers to Tackle Inflation and Shifting Shopper Preferences [Interview]

Despite challenges in deal making and urban development, the grocery industry sees potential in discount stores but also emphasizes the importance of grocers as essential amenities within mixed-use projects, says one expert.

Toronto Retail Market Stabilizes in 2024 with Economic Challenges and Limited Leasing Options: JLL Report

JLL forecasts a mixed report for the Toronto retail market this year, with leasing slowing and limited new supply.

Vancouver Retail Market Slows as Demand for Space Remains Strong: JLL Report 

The city is seeing increased demand for retail space despite economic uncertainty, which includes a slowdown in some key categories such as home furnishings and jewellery.

Ottawa’s Retail Real Estate Faces Challenges Amid Economic Headwinds: JLL Report

The dynamics of the Ottawa market are unique according to a report and broker Casdin Parr, who discusses retail leasing and where it's strong and where it's not.

Vancouver’s Retail Landscape Thrives: Economic Growth, Tech Boom, and Tourism Fuel Expansion [Report/Interview]

The city is seeing a boom post-pandemic for a variety of reasons, fuelling retail growth from neighbourhood to luxury.

Exploring the Dynamics of Canadian Retail: A Conversation with Casdin Parr from JLL Canada [Video Interview]

Patterson and Parr discuss the Canadian retail industry as we head into 2024, including new international retailers entering the country and the success of luxury retail despite the economy.

Top Shopping Centres in Canada Evolving Experiential Elements to Grow Foot Traffic and Tenant Revenue [Interview]

JLL’s Senior Marketing Director, Property Management, discusses how creating unique experiences tailored to local markets helps drive overall asset value through increased footfall and productivity.

Toronto’s Retail Market Finding ‘Equilibrium’ as Transit Ridership and In-Person Dining Bounce Back: JLL Report

Consumer spending remains steady, with several retail categories being particularly strong while others such as home goods have slowed. And things are better in some parts of the region than others.

Canada’s Luxury Retail Market Booms with International Interest Amid Changing Definitions of Luxury [Interview with JLL’s Casdin Parr]

The discussion includes the rapid acceleration in the demand for space in primary luxury retail nodes, as brands enter and expand in the Canadian market for the foreseeable future.

Navigating Property Management Trends: A Discussion with Johanne Marcotte, EVP Portfolio Management at JLL [Interview]

Craig and Johanne discuss property management trends, emphasizing global expertise, sustainability, and adapting to evolving tenant expectations. They explore JLL's unique approach and resources, underlining the importance of people-first strategies to navigate the complex world of commercial real estate.

Elevating Canadian Retail: How JLL’s Expertise Reshapes Property Management [Interviews]

Landlords are increasingly turning to JLL for pioneering property management solutions that prioritize both enhanced customer experiences and sustainability.

Montréal’s Retail Sector Thrives with Decreased Vacancies, Increased Foot Traffic and Exciting Developments [JLL Report]

The report discusses notable retail-friendly developments and an uptick in tourism and dining experiences, making Montreal an attractive market for retailers.

Retailers in Greater Toronto Area Bracing for Real Estate Market Shifts as Population and Economic Growth Drive Demand: JLL Report

The report says that retailers can benefit from expanding as the boomtown’s population, economy, housing, and transit projects drive retail space demand in rapidly changing areas.

Report Reveals Promising Outlook for Montreal’s Sainte-Catherine Street’s Recovery, Anticipates Rise of Upscale Retailers and Pop-Up Stores

The iconic retail street is seeing upgrades and new interest from retailers interested in being in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Demand Returning to Food & Beverage in Canada as Costs and Staffing Challenges Persist [JLL Report]

Tim Sanderson discusses a new report showing that consumers are returning to restaurants in Canada, while at the same time challenges persist in areas such as costs and staffing.

How Much Are Calgarians Spending On Parking? : New JLL Report Discusses Impact on Retail [Interview]

JLL has released a comprehensive overview of Downtown Calgary parking, noting it's the priciest in Canada while trailing NYC and San Francisco in North America.

Retail Sales Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels in Canadian Malls but Headwinds Persist for 2023 [Interview with JLL’s Tim Sanderson]

Sanderson discusses a report by JLL which discusses retail investment and current consumer sentiment which is being dampened by economic challenges.

JLL Report Breaks Down Average Retail Rents and Vacancy Rates on Major Toronto Streets [Interview]

Bloor Street still commands the most rent, but also has the highest number of storefronts available along the luxury run according to the report.

Retail Outlook Remains Reasonably Positive in Canada though Headwinds Present Challenges [JLL Report]

Tim Sanderson said in an interview that retailers are showing interest in leasing space particularly in Canada's biggest cities, though a looming recession and other challenges will impact consumers and the industry.

Ottawa Retail Strong as Consumers Return to Stores and Leasing Supply is Constricted [Report/Interview]

A lack of retail space means little is available, while local retail sales up substantially when compared to before the pandemic.

Vancouver Retail to be Strong for Remainder of 2022 as New Brands Look to Market [Report/Interview]

A report by JLL shows fundamentals in the Vancouver market are strong with high demand from global brands for particular locations.

Montreal Retail Growing Stronger as Tourists Return and Downtown Re-Emerges [Interview]

Leasing activity is picking up significantly in the Montreal market according to JLL as dynamics improve both in the city and suburbs.
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