Larry Leung

Beyoncé’s “Deal of a Lifetime” with adidas as Latest Creative Partner

It is not a new idea to use well known celebrities as a marketing tool to promote brands and products, says industry expert Larry Leung.

Emerging Canadian Retail Trends for 2019: Technology, Partnerships and Experiential Concepts

The retail industry is changing rapidly, and Larry Leung identifies several trends being identified amongst the leading players.

Why More Canadian Mall Landlords Should Utilize Apple Maps for Customer Navigation

Customer experience expert Larry Leung explains the benefits of landlords including their properties in Apple Maps, as the world of tech and brick-and-mortar converge and consumers seek out information prior and during visits. 

How Loblaw Can Improve Customer Experience of its New PC Optimum Program

Customer experience expert Larry Leung explains how the new merged program has fallen short in some areas, and how it can be improved.

Why Canadian Airports Should Court Chinese Shoppers [Analysis]

The rapidly growing tourist segment should be seen as a priority for retail and revenue growth.

Why Adding More Luxury Retail to Toronto’s Pearson Airport Makes Sense [Feature]

An expert goes in-depth and discusses the benefits of capitalizing on an already exceptional asset.
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