MEC Looks to Future Growth Following Insolvency: Interview with CEO Eric Claus

The Canadian retailer, formerly a cooperative, came out of a restructuring with plans to engage with consumers amid the pandemic.

The MEC Debacle is a Predictable and Avoidable Governance Failure: Expert

MEC began eroding its membership’s democratic voice years ago, which put in motion the process that’s led to its demise as a co-operative.

MEC Sale to Private Owner will Negatively Affect Brand Trust: Expert

Experts say that the sale will erode brand trust significantly for several reasons.

MEC Files for Creditor Protection Amid Acquisition by US-Based Kingswood Capital

The Canadian outdoor retailer will lose its cooperative status as a US-based investment conglomerate takes over operations and appoints a new CEO.

Canadian Retailer ‘MEC’ to Shift Strategy Amid Challenging Environment [Interview]

In an interview, the outdoor gear co-op’s new CEO says that he is streamlining operations to bring back financial health while also rethinking the company’s employee situation, base of stores, and online offerings.

MEC Opens 1st Flagship Store on Toronto’s Queen Street West [Photos]

The impressive retail space features experiential elements that merge physical with tech, and is the first true ‘flagship’ for the retailer also known as ‘Mountain Equipment Co-op’. Will it be enough to gain market share amid increasing competition?

MEC Innovates as it Launches International Travel Tours

The Canadian cooperative is taking experiential retail to a whole new level by offering travel services with a focus on outdoor activity and responsible tourism, at a time of unprecedented competition from homegrown and international brands.

MEC CEO Discusses Expansion Plans

The popular outdoor gear retailer, now with 22 locations, plans to further expand into new and existing markets with its updated store format.

Study Ranks Canada’s Most Trusted Brands

The majority of the top 10 are either retailers or retail industry-related.

MEC Continues Unprecedented Store Expansion into 2017

The cooperative has opened five locations this year, and momentum will continue into 2017-onwards as Canadians increasingly embrace the retailer.
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