Michael Kehoe

What to Expect for the Canadian Retail and Hospitality Sectors in 2024 [Video Interview]

Michael Kehoe provides an expansive overview of what's expected for Canada's retail industry in 2024, and how the commercial real estate industry is becoming more dynamic than ever.

More Shop-in-Shops Being Seen in Larger Canadian Retailers [Feature/Expert Interviews]

Experts discuss the trend and how it can bring customers into stores, as a range of smaller brands from the affordable to luxury find space within host retailers.

Why So Many American Retailers have Failed in Canada [Feature/Expert Interviews]

Following the announcement of Nordstrom's exit from Canada, Retail Insider interviewed a panel of experts about why various retailers from the US have struggled here.

The Best of Times and the Worst of Times: Canadian Retail Wrap-up for 2022 [Interviews]

A chaotic year saw unprecedented changes to the industry, with more challenges on the way as we head into 2023.

Canadian Consumers Spending Despite Inflation Pinch, with Challenges to Come [Expert Comments]

Experts interviewed by Retail Insider say that while things are looking positive with StatCan numbers, things could get much worse for certain sectors given new fundamentals.

Bed Bath & Beyond Sales Plunge 25% in a Year, Bringing its Future into Question: Canadian Expert Comment

The retailer is reducing hours and even air conditioning to cut down on costs. Experts such as Doug Stephens question its future.

Banff to See Retail Fundamentals Improve as Canadian and International Tourists Return this Summer: Experts

Demand for travel to resorts is picking up and retailers are anticipating a boost after the pandemic ravaged businesses in destinations across the country.

Rising Inflation Pushes More Canadians to Discount Stores: Interviews

Rising inequality is seeing customers shifting away from middle-market to either discount or luxury.

Uncertainty for Retailers in Canada with Bankruptcies Expected to Increase in 2022: Experts

A predicted retail apocalypse hasn't happened as of yet, but a series of events could lead to chaos and struggles for some retailers as we move further into 2022.

Amazon Announces Significant Expansion in Canada, will Hire 15,000 Employees and Increase Wages

The Seattle-based retail behemoth continues to gain market share in Canada as it significantly bolsters its employee base.

Pandemic ‘Fourth Wave’ Would be Devastating to Retailers and Businesses in Canada Trying to Come Back from a Year and a Half of Restrictions:...

Businesses already have debt and still seeing lower than usual revenue, and more shutdowns could be the final blow for thousands of more retailers already struggling.

Flexible Work Space Concept Targets Under-Utilized Retailers in Canada

The unique company is facilitating creating work spaces in retailers and other businesses that lack foot traffic during the day.
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