Miniso Canada Investors Protest Chinese Parent Company

Local investors claim that the company is acting fraudulently after an alleged settlement with the Canadian division.

Brief: Luxury Brand Closes Only Canadian Store, Miniso Launches New Canadian Concept

Other News: Oomomo Opens Massive Markham Flagship, Montreal Retailers Shuttering, Hillcrest Mall Adds Tenants, Bayview Village Innovates, Gluten-Free Almond Butterfly Opens 2nd Storefront.

Miniso Canada’s Chinese Parent Company Takes Over Canadian Operations

A settlement has been reached after Miniso Canada’s Chinese parent company applied to bankrupt the Canadian division amid claims of theft and fraud.

Miniso to Keep Canadian Stores Open Amid Controversy [Update]

The Chinese retailer, which positions itself as ‘Japanese’ says that it has reached an interim agreement with Canadian franchisees, though there’s more to the story.

(Updated) Miniso Canada Claims to have Reached Preliminary Agreement After Bankruptcy Application Brought by Chinese Parent Company

The retailer planned to open 500 Canadian stores. Now the Chinese parent company of Miniso Canada has filed to initiate bankruptcy, alleging that the Canadian division is in major debt and has transferred/misused company assets.

MINISO Canadian Expansion Moves Faster than Anticipated

The value retailer is aggressively expanding into new markets across Canada, with plans for 500 locations to open sooner than initially expected.

2018 Canadian Retail Forecast [Analysis]

We’re predicting that this year will be one of highs and lows — Sears Canada will shutter, Nordstrom Rack will enter Canada, marijuana will be legalized, and plenty of other developments.

MINISO Announces National Expansion Plans

The Chinese variety retailer, positioned as a ‘Japanese lifestyle brand’, will open 50 Canadian stores in the next 12 months, planning to eventually operate 500 Canadian locations.

MINISO Launches Aggressive 500 Store Canadian Expansion

The ‘Japanese lifestyle brand’ plans to disrupt Canadian retail by opening as many as 500 stores, competing with the likes of Uniqlo, Muji and Dollarama.
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