Progress Retail

Podcast [Interview] Ray Riley of Progress Retail Discusses the Future of the Industry Post-Pandemic

Craig and Ray Riley, CEO of Progress Retail, discuss retail in Canada during the pandemic as well as what's to come as we see a return to some normalcy.

Retail Insider and Progress Retail Announce Exclusive Content and Insights Partnership

Progress Retail’s approach is heralding the modern era of store operations and learning, key elements to attracting and retaining the best store teams as pressure mounts for retail talent.

Progress Retail Helping Industry Players Develop Top Talent and Streamline Operations: Feature

Internal education and training supporting employee success while helping organizations flourish.

Why Digitally-Native Brands Open Customer-Focused Brick-and-Mortar Storefronts

Industry expert Raymond Riley discusses how many online brands have found success in opening physical stores amid a colossal shift in the industry that will never be the same again.

Innovative Education Platform ‘Progress Retail’ Launches in Canada

The international retail learning platform is working with retailers that are seeing considerable success in improved customer experience by implementing Progress Retail’s effective learning strategies to drive revenue, and profitability, while decreasing employee turnover by up to 61% in one year.
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