Restaurants Canada

Canadian Foodservice Businesses in Turmoil Amid Potential Delays for COVID Vaccinations

The industry held a press conference calling for immediate action for support, noting that patrons will stay away from dining until mass vaccinations are rolled out.

Restaurant Industry on Verge of Collapse in Canada Without Government Support: Interviews

Restaurants Canada, with its 40,000 members, called governments to stop system-wide restaurant closures amid a second wave.

Don’t Want to Save the Restaurant Industry? Fine, but Use it to Save the Canadian Economy

Sylvain Charlebois explains how the industry collapse has broader implications.

As Restaurants Reopen in Canada, Most Operate at a Loss

Even as the economy reopens, businesses are struggling amid outstanding rents owed, reduced demand, and occupancy reductions.

As Restaurants in Canada Begin Reopening, Implementing Safety Protocols Proves Challenging

Consumers will need to be made to feel comfortable as dining spaces reopen, and getting it right the first time will be crucial say experts.

Newly Announced Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) Program Insufficient According to Many Retailers & Businesses in Canada

After the program has been analyzed, many are questioning how effective it will actually be as several issues have been identified ahead of the looming May 1st rent due date.

Over Half of Small Businesses in Canada will Not be Able to Pay Rent in May Amid Pandemic Shutdowns

The Canadian government hasn’t yet provided an update on details for relief, and several associations say that businesses are quickly running out of time.

1st National ‘TakeoutDay’ Launches to Support Foodservice Industry in Canada

On Wednesday Canadians are asked to support local restaurants as the coronavirus decimates the industry amid closures and fear.

Foodservice Industry in Canada Could Collapse Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Nearly 30% of restaurants in Canada say that within another month they will shut forever. An already devastating 800,000 jobs have been lost amid fears that things will get much worse.
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