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Pandemic ‘Fourth Wave’ Would be Devastating to Retailers and Businesses in Canada Trying to Come Back from a Year and a Half of Restrictions:...

Businesses already have debt and still seeing lower than usual revenue, and more shutdowns could be the final blow for thousands of more retailers already struggling.

The New Values of Retail in Canada: Sustainability, Inclusivity and Meaning

Retail Council of Canada’s virtual STORE Conference from September 13 to 16 will explore the new era of retail and the changing consumer (and employee) values.

Resetting Retail Through Digital Transformation – RCC STORE Conference September 13-16

Several sessions focus on new retail tech and how the evolution of digital is pushing our industry forward.

Anger and Frustration from Mall Retailers and Other Businesses Not Permitted to Reopen Friday in Ontario: Interviews

Business owners say that they are watching their life's work crumble due to the province's inaction amid despair.

‘Devastating Situation’ for Furniture Retailers in Canada Amid Ongoing Federal Government Tariffs: Interviews

The "financial bombshell" tax is creating an unprecedented economic and operational challenge amid rising raw material and labor costs, international transportation issues, and staff shortages.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford Urged to Open Ontario Retail and Restaurants Immediately as Covid Cases Come Down at a Critical Time: Interviews

Businesses were supposed to open this week but the government extended the lockdown. Now there are calls to reopen things now.

How the RCC Shifted its Stance on a Grocery Code of Conduct and why Government Intervention is Needed to Make it Work: Sylvain Charlebois

It's a step in the right direction, but there’s still no consensus on what the code will look like, and who will provide oversight says the expert.

“Another Crippling Blow” as Ontario Government Extends Pandemic Lockdowns for Retailers and Businesses into June [Interviews]

Businesses and associations are furious as Ontario once again extends lockdowns which many say will have a devastating impact on the economy.

In Conversation with Sarah Joyce of Sobeys Inc. on Friday April 30th 2pm-3pm

This is the first of four In Conversation With Retail Leaders webinars where Canada’s most visionary retailers and industry insiders will discuss innovation in retail and provide critical insights to successfully leading businesses through disruptive times.

Anger and Frustration as New Lockdowns Expected to Have Devastating Impact on Canadian Businesses: Experts

Governments are implementing restrictions in provinces amid a third wave and some are saying that decisions being made are misguided and harmful.
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