Canadian Consumers Changing Shopping Patterns Due to Inflation: Report

Consumers are shifting spending at a time of unprecedented increases in prices for many goods due to a variety of factors.

Salesforce Releases 2021 Holiday Shopping Report Including Interesting Key Canadian Data

Findings may indicate how retailers in Canada do this year as consumers grapple with happenings relating to the pandemic.

Report Says Support from Local Communities were Vital for Small and Medium Sized Businesses in Canada During Pandemic

A new report by Salesforce notes the challenges the pandemic brought to businesses and how many were saved with local financial support by consumers.

The Shift to Digital-First, Customer-Centred Engagement: Salesforce Online Event, Tuesday June 22 at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific

Brian Solis, Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, will discuss the retail digital transformation that is happening over the course of the pandemic.

Online Customer Service More Important than Expected Amid Digital Shift in Canada: Study

A new Salesforce report notes consumer expectations may not be met resulting in lost sales to competitors.

Salesforce Releases 2020 Holiday Shopping Report Showing Canadians Shifted Online in a Big Way

The report provides insight into an unprecedented time when much of the country's 'non-essential' brick-and-mortar retailers were shuttered.

COVID Crisis Driving Need for Digital Retail Acceleration and Deeper Customer Engagement: Study

Recent Salesforce report indicates that Canadian consumers expect more from retailers in order to satisfy their unique needs during difficult pandemic period.

Salesforce Industry Summit: October 14

The event will focus on how businesses can deliver a compelling vision that speaks to value, ROI, and speed, and is relevant to market conditions.

Salesforce Releases Retail Playbook Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Roots is one retailer that has pivoted its business at an unprecedented time.

Grants for Small Businesses in Canada Launched by Canadian Chamber of Commerce & Salesforce

A total of 62 grants at $10,000 each will aid businesses in their recovery efforts during these unprecedented times.
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