Video Interview: Why Canadian Retailers Need To Master Hybrid Shopping Experiences

An expert talks about how consumer behaviour has changed in the past few years and what retailers need to do, the need to break down silos in retail operations, continued supply chain issues, and the growing trend in reverse logistics.

How Will the Retail Industry Handle the Incoming Wave of Returns?

The rapid growth in e-commerce means that there are more returns than ever, creating a challenge for retailers at an already difficult time.

How Pickers, Packers, and Drivers Are More Important to the Brand Experience Than Ever in Canada

As online sales surge, efficiency in the supply chain and reliable last-mile delivery are becoming even more critical to creating a positive shopping experience that consumers expect and now demand.

How the Pandemic Has Changed Consumer Expectations While Accelerating Ecommerce in Canada

An expert says that online retail can only grow so much amid an over-saturation of new businesses.

Retail’s New Normal: How Canadian Retailers Need to Adjust if COVID-19 Sticks Around

Social distancing and other guidelines have forced retailers to rethink basic in-store procedures and the customer experience should the virus persist once retailers are given the green light to reopen their doors.

Thinking Beyond Self-Checkouts to Improve the Customer Experience in Grocery Stores

Grocery retailers in Canada are now looking beyond self-checkouts to design the next generation of in-store experiences that will keep consumers coming back. An expert says that the biggest trends to watch for in the coming years are in interactive digital displays, data extraction, and further application of IoT.
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