Suzanne Sears

‘Worst Time in History’ for Retail Staffing in Canada Says Expert [Interview]

Incentives are required according to Suzanne Sears, at a time when there are more jobs than people while those previously working in retail move on.

Video Interview: What Can Be Done About The Labour Shortage In Retail in Canada?

Suzanne Sears talks about how retailers can find and retain staff, what created this situation, how bad it is, can wages fix it, is it just a wage issue, can retail be a career choice for young people, is it going to get better or worse and the recent news of layoffs at Shopify.

Podcast [Interview] Suzanne Sears Discusses Record-Low Unemployment and What it Means for Retailers in Canada

Craig sits down with the staffing expert to discuss the most recent jobs report showing record-low unemployment. Retailers continue to struggle to find employees and an emergency situation could take place and stores may not be able to remain open if things don't improve.

Lack of Talent Causing Retail Staffing and Employment Conundrum in Canada: Interview

Retailers’ ability to onboard and train talent comes under the microscope amid surge in new hires.

Podcast [Interview] Suzanne Sears Discusses Retail Staffing Challenges in Canada During COVID

Craig and Suzanne discuss COVID's impact on retail staffing in Canada, including the challenges being faced due to shortages and options to improve the situation.

Podcast [Interview] Vaccine Passports, Vaccinations and Canadian Retail

Craig and industry recruiter Suzanne Sears of Best Retail Careers Int’l. discuss why many retailers in Canada are demanding staff are vaccinated while also supporting vaccine passports.

Majority of Retailers in Canada Want Staff and Customers to be Vaccinated which Could Dictate Mandatory Mandates: Poll

Retail store staff also want team members to be vaccinated which could be a sign that bigger things are to come as we head into the fall and a fourth wave.

Retail Workers are Concerned About Returning to Work with Unvaccinated Co-Workers and Customers and it will Impact Hiring: Survey

Retail Insider recently conducted a survey of hundreds of retail workers showing a vast majority are worried about returning to work with the unvaccinated.

Pandemic Mental Health Crisis Hits the Canadian Retail Industry: Analysis

Staff have been hit hard with closures and reopenings resulting in a mental health decline and a need for support and change.

Significant Staffing Crisis in Canada as Retailers Reopen: Feature

The greatest staffing challenge ever faced by Canadian retailers follows pandemic lockdowns creating an emergency situation.
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