Suzanne Sears

Majority of Retailers in Canada Want Staff and Customers to be Vaccinated which Could Dictate Mandatory Mandates: Poll

Retail store staff also want team members to be vaccinated which could be a sign that bigger things are to come as we head into the fall and a fourth wave.

Retail Workers are Concerned About Returning to Work with Unvaccinated Co-Workers and Customers and it will Impact Hiring: Survey

Retail Insider recently conducted a survey of hundreds of retail workers showing a vast majority are worried about returning to work with the unvaccinated.

Pandemic Mental Health Crisis Hits the Canadian Retail Industry: Analysis

Staff have been hit hard with closures and reopenings resulting in a mental health decline and a need for support and change.

Significant Staffing Crisis in Canada as Retailers Reopen: Feature

The greatest staffing challenge ever faced by Canadian retailers follows pandemic lockdowns creating an emergency situation.

Retail Staffing in Canada: Why CERB Worked and EI Does Not (OpEd)

Industry recruiter Suzanne Sears sets out why delays with EI are seeing retail employees hesitate to return amid lockdowns and other uncertainties.

Mounting Retail Staffing Crisis in Canada Requires Internal Growth and Development: Expert

Impacts of the global pandemic are challenging retailers’ efforts to find the right talent.

Meet the Manager Spotlight: Georgi Gvakharia, Country Manager for Ralph Lauren Canada

Mr Gvakharia discusses how he got into the retail industry and what Ralph Lauren is doing differently as it expands in Canada.

Racism in Hiring: Why “No Canadian Experience” is Unacceptable [Opinion]

An industry expert discusses unintended racism in the hiring process and how to fix it.

Canadian Retailers Lack Staff at Critical Time: Expert

And an industry expert says that the industry is in trouble as some retail staff exit the business while consumers continue to shop.

Luxury Careers Spotlight: Meet the Manager, Cartier Bloor Street in Toronto

Ryan Kenny provides insights into his career at Cartier. The luxury brand is hiring this year in Canada.
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