Calgary-Based Retailer Swimco Emerges from Bankruptcy with Plans for 2.0 Retail Expansion: Interview

After closing its stores after financial challenges in 2020, the swimwear retailer is planning to open stores after seeing online success.

Letter to the Editor: “Behind the Bikini Bankruptcy” (Swimco story)

Known in the industry to outsell nearly all other swimwear stores in North America, Swimco had a reputation for being professional and positive.

Canadian Retailer Swimco Goes Bankrupt and Shuts Down After 45 Years

The swimwear retailer had stores across the country and after failing to restructure, it became the latest business casualty of the pandemic.

213: Brands Opening Stores & Ann Taylor, Mendocino and Swimco Filings/Closures

This week Craig & Lee talk about brands opening stores including Dyson and Canada Goose, why experiential retail is needed for physical stores to survive, as well as filings and store closures for Ann Taylor, Mendocino and Swimco.

National Swimwear Retailer ‘Swimco’ Files for Creditor Protection: CEO Interview

The company’s owner and CEO spoke to Retail Insider about the restructuring which will include fewer stores and employees.

Special Edition 3: Interview with Lori Bacon, Owner/CEO of Swimco

Lori Bacon discusses the challenges and opportunities of being a multi-store retailer in Canada, including how a customer-centric approach makes consumers comfortable being “half-naked”.

Swimco Expanding Canadian Operations Eastward

The Canadian retailer is diving into new regions, after conquering Western Canada's swimwear market.
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