Sylvain Charlebois

Food Industry in Canada to See Dynamic Changes with Innovation and Evolving Consumers [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois discusses the transformative landscape of the food and beverage industry, emphasizing key trends shaped by technology, evolving consumer preferences, and sustainability concerns.

Why Ideology Shouldn’t Push the Single-Use Plastic Elimination Agenda in Canada [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says we must balance the need for sustainability with the realities of our interconnected global food supply chain, recognizing that a comprehensive approach and respectful collaboration will yield the most fruitful results.

Why it’s Time to End Operations of The Beer Store in Ontario [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says that the foreign-owned oligopoly with 420 stores needs to be shut down as the industry has shifted.

Food Industry in Canada Shifting as Gen Z and Millennials Struggle Financially [Op-Ed]

Younger consumers have different priorities than previous generations according to Sylvain Charlebois, and it's having an impact on foodservice and grocery retail in this country.

Canadian Restaurant Industry in Crisis with Consumers Unhappy as Prices Escalate [Op-Ed]

A majority of Canadians polled in a survey are unhappy with their restaurant experiences amid higher menu prices, while operators struggle with insurmountable costs, says Sylvain Charlebois.

How Shrinkflation and Rising Costs will Haunt Halloween Candy Shoppers in Canada in 2023 [Op-Ed]

Popular treats come in smaller portions, exacerbated by the rising cost of production due to factors like soaring cocoa prices and labor disputes. Despite these challenges, many Canadians are expected to increase their overall Halloween spending, with a focus on costumes, says Sylvain Charlebois.

A Lower Food Inflation Rate Alone Won’t Help Canada’s Food Industry’s Trust Crisis [Op-Ed]

Food inflation in Canada has decreased to 5.9 percent, but there is widespread skepticism among Canadians about the reliability of this data, with many relying on their instincts rather than official statistics. This skepticism is fuelled by recent events says Sylvain Charlebois.

How Ozempic’s Soaring Demand for Weight Loss could Impact Canada’s Food Industry [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says that the surging demand for weight-control drugs is also causing a noticeable shift in the food industry as consumers buy fewer groceries.

Navigating the Grocery Aisles: How Canadians are Adapting to Soaring Food Prices and Changing Shopping Habits [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois discusses a new study that sheds light on how Canadians are diversifying their shopping destinations, opting for store brands, and making dietary compromises to navigate the complexities of higher food prices while prioritizing their nutritional well-being.

Are Grocery Store Leases Increasing the Cost of Food in Canada? Competition Bureau and Experts Weigh In

The Competition Bureau is considering banning exclusive use clauses in commercial leases for grocery stores to increase competition and lower food prices, but experts disagree.

From Workers’ Rights to Automation: How a $20 Minimum Wage is Reshaping Fast Food [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois discusses California's decision to raise the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $20 per hour, which has ignited a debate about the potential consequences including increased automation and the overall transformation of the fast-food industry.

Canadian Grocers Take a Page from Carrefour’s Playbook to Tackle ‘Shrinkflation [Op-Ed]

French supermarket chain Carrefour has labeled products impacted by reduced size, and similar measures may be adopted in Canada to enhance transparency in food pricing, says Sylvain Charlebois.

Eliminating Plastics Should not Jeopardize Food Security In Canada [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says that concerns are being raised about potential increases to food losses and food prices, while at the same time Canada's unique logistical and trade realities are being overlooked.

Canadians Wanting to Learn about Grocery Competition Should Look at the U.S. [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says that Canada relies more on corporate goodwill, with a less proactive approach to antitrust concerns -- but as Canadians become more concerned about food pricing, the country may need to reevaluate its approach to foster competition in the food sector.

How Dollarama is Becoming a Player in the Canadian Grocery Landscape [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says that Dollarama's unique business model with low operational costs and strong supplier-retailer relationships is revolutionizing affordable grocery shopping in Canada, while challenging traditional grocery store norms.

Amazon’s Whole Foods Bet 6 Years Ago Has Been a Bust in Canada [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says that Amazon's foray into the grocery sector has fallen short, leaving Canadians awaiting a formidable entrant capable of reshaping the grocery industry landscape.

Analyzing Roark Capital’s Risky Venture to Resurrect Fast Food Icon Subway [Op-ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says that the acquisition aims to rejuvenate Subway's fortunes, grappling with declining sales, public relations challenges, and franchisee concerns, presenting a bold opportunity for transformation under Roark's strategic direction.

Alcohol Retailers in Canada Seeing Reduced Sales Amid Decreasing Consumption [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says tastes and habits are changing among Canadians for a variety of reasons, and that at the same time alcohol isn't going anywhere.

The Metro Strike: The Battle That Could Redefine Canada’s Grocery Industry [Op-Ed]

The outcome of the strike will determine not just how much consumers pay at the checkout, but also the very landscape of the industry itself, says Sylvain Charlebois.

Canadians Shifting Choices at the Grocery Store Amid Climate Change Realities [Op-Ed]

A study conducted in partnership with Caddle investigates the influence of climate change on Canadians' dietary preferences.

Food Inflation at the Grocery Store Appears to be Easing Up in Canada [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says that despite this positive trend, there is an intricate interplay of factors impacting food prices, from weather disruptions and supply uncertainties to global events.

Downgrading the Ingredients in our Food Items: ‘Skimpflation’ Hits Grocery Stores in Canada [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois discusses the subtle alteration in the nutritional composition of some products as manufacturing costs soar in the industry.

Class-Action Lawsuit Alleges Canadian Food Industry Giants Colluded to Unlawfully Manipulate the Price of Meat [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois discusses a 'cartel' situation with evidence from a 2007 email pointing to collusion that has cost Canadians billions.

What the Metro Strike this Week Could Mean for Canada’s Grocery Industry [Op-Ed]

The Food Professor says that strike action at Ontario Metro stores will exert a profound influence on other grocery retailers in Canada as unions and employees advocate for their rights.

Canadian Cities Seeing Empty Downtown Spaces and Food Deserts Amid Reduced Foot Traffic [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois discusses the future of grocery and foodservice in Canada's urban cores as foot traffic and spending is down following the pandemic.
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