Sylvain Charlebois

Canadians Should be Checking Receipts at the Grocery Store as Errors are Common [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says that Canadians may not realize that the prices on the shelves and what's scanned might be different, and that there's sometimes an opportunity for compensation if there's been an error.

A Grocer Code of Conduct is Finally Coming to Canada – Will it be Effective? [Op-Ed]

Compliance and consumer trust are going to be significant challenges says Sylvain Charlebois, and time will tell if the code will be effective.

Lessons from a Frivolous Picture of Overpriced Chicken Breasts at Loblaws [Op-Ed]

Grocery retailers in Canada are experiencing a "crisis of confidence" according to Sylvain Charlebois, who explains negative feedback to a recent photo of pricey chicken breasts.

Grocery Theft Significantly Impacting Retailers in Canada [Op-Ed]

With food inflation, theft at grocery stores is at a new high in a retail category that has notoriously low margins.

Grocery Execs in Canada Receive Big Bonuses After Inflation Spike and Consumer Outrage [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says that major food chains continue to pay bonuses to their leaders as if nothing has happened -- a serious blunder, especially with inflation and a crisis in the loss of consumer confidence.

Lettuce Shortage in Canada Signals Supply Chain Challenges for Food Retailers [Op-Ed]

Canada became dependent on foreign markets prior to NAFTA, and the situation is complicated according to Sylvain Charlebois.

Video Interview: The State of Canada’s Grocery Industry with Sylvain Charlebois

'The Food Professor' talks about the industry's relationship with the Competition Bureau, its profitability, supply chain issues, labour shortages, rising food prices, and consumer behaviour.

By the Numbers: Are Grocery Retailers in Canada Gouging Consumers? [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois runs down the sales numbers and expenses at grocers in Canada with some interesting pre-pandemic and current results.

Why the Competition Bureau is Toothless in its Investigation of Canada’s Grocery Sector [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says that Loblaw is arguably the most hated grocer in the world as consumers revolt at inflationary price increases and remember the bread scandal.

Are Grocery Retailers in Canada Still Colluding? [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says that Metro's response to Loblaw's price freeze raises serious questions about the industry once again.

Loblaw 1st Canadian Retailer to Announce Plans to Freeze Food Prices: Too Little Too Late? [Op-Ed]

Consumers are already trusting grocers less, says Sylvain Charlebois, following the highly publicized bread price-fixing scheme that went on for years.

Ottawa Will Investigate Food Prices. It’s About Time [Op-Ed]

Some price hikes have been difficult to explain according to Sylvain Charlebois, raising questions about grocery retailers in Canada as consumers struggle.

Video Interview: The Impact Of Soaring Grocery Store Prices For Canadian Consumers

Sylvain Charlebois talks about how bad inflation has gotten in Canada, why it's happened, where the costs have risen, what can consumers do, what can grocery stores do, and what the future looks like.

It’s Time for Canadian Grocery Retailers to Freeze Prices Amid Accusations of ‘Greedflation’ [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says now is the time for grocers to step up in order to stop accusations of gouging as consumers struggle more than ever.

Restaurants in Canada: The Bleeding Continues [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says that restaurants are recovering, but the sector is still not out of the woods.

Food Inflation in Canada in the ‘7th Inning Stretch’ Following Major Increases: Op-Ed

Sylvain Charlebois says that food inflation numbers tell us several stories as consumers grapple with price increases, with light at the end of the tunnel.

Seeing the Light at the End of the Food Inflation Tunnel in Canada: Sylvain Charlebois Op-Ed

The Food Professor says that he thinks that food inflation in Canada may have already peaked, though headwinds may create some uncertainty in months to come.

Are Food Retailers in Canada Guilty of ‘Greedflation’? It’s Complicated. [Sylvain Charlebois]

The Food Professor analyses grocery retailer profits to determine if they're taking advantage of consumers and the pandemic situation.

Federal Government ‘Is the Consumer’s Worst Enemy’ as Food Prices Rise in Canada [Op-Ed]

Sylvain Charlebois says that the government's efforts are ill-directed and insufficient at a time when many consumers are precariously stretched financially.

Why Sobeys had to Dump Air Miles: Op-Ed

Sylvain Charlebois says that "it's about time" that the relationship ended, and that loyalty will probably be the next battleground for Canadian grocers.

Majority of Canadians Now Embrace Using Self-Checkouts at Grocery Stores: Study

Sylvain Charlebois says that since the start of the pandemic, more Canadians are using self-checkouts with differences among younger vs older demographics.

Canada’s Baby Formula Problem is for Different Reasons: Sylvain Charlebois

Differing dynamics between Canada and the US means things are different -- but many Canadians don't know about a Chinese connection which poses a threat.

The Meal Kit Market in Canada May have Peaked: Charlebois

Industry expert Sylvain Charlebois says that as consumers begin going out again, dining at home is seeing a downward trend following pandemic isolation.

The Pandemic has Changed Consumers in Canada, but has it Really Changed the Food Industry? [Op-Ed]

Dr. Sylvain Charlebois discusses how a new world, including work-from-home is leading to changes in the way we purchase and consume food and where.

Meals in the Metaverse Could be a New Frontier for Foodservice Businesses: Charlebois

Sylvain Charlebois says that many businesses are planning to join the metaverse which could be a saviour to get them back on their feet.
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