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Large Corporations Make Huge Profits from Hidden Markups at the Expense of Consumers [Op-Ed]

A professor of economics analyses pricing versus costs and inflation to determine if consumers are being gouged in Canada.

Why Tip Fatigue May be Setting in for North Americans [Op-Ed]

Since the pandemic, many are saying tipping is out of control with some prompts now asking for over 30% from businesses of all kinds. Some consumers have had enough.

How Sensations Draw Consumers into Stores, Retail Areas and Malls [Op-Ed]

An expert discusses how humans are drawn to experiences and how the physical environment can have a profound impact on consumer behaviours.

The Metaverse Offers Challenges and Possibilities for the Future of the Retail Industry [Op-Ed]

An expert discusses challenges and opportunities for retailers in a virtual world that is still in its infancy.

Saving Main Street: Local Businesses Need Community Support to Stay Afloat, or Canada’s Economy will Suffer [Op-Ed]

An expert discusses how the pandemic has affected Main Street retailers and how the future requires Canadians to support businesses that are the backbone of this country.

How Canada’s New Credit Card Surcharge will Affect Consumers and Businesses [Op-Ed]

It's a complicated situation as some consumers revolt at the extra charge, though there are ways to make things work says an expert.

How the Craft Revolution Helped Develop the Market for Specialty Coffee in Canada and Beyond [Op-Ed]

A professor from Concordia University lays out how the rise in demand and popularity of a craft-oriented approach to consumer goods have shifted in recent years.

Should the Canadian Government Step in to Reduce Food Prices? [Op-Ed]

Expert Michael von Massow explains how inflation has impacted consumers and what the government might be able to do, if anything, to alleviate the problem.

The Delicate Balance Between Grocery Store Profit and Food Security: Op-Ed

The industry is more complicated than many realize according to experts, and changes may be required as world events create more havoc.

Why Toy Stores in Canada — and Amazon — are Tapping Into Paper Catalogues: Op-Ed

It's a remarkable trend that has developed and is counter to the digital revolution seen since the start of the pandemic.

How to Make Fragile Global Supply Chains Stronger and More Sustainable: Op-Ed

Challenges come at a critical time as retailers stock stores for the busy December Holiday Season.

Testing High-Touch Surfaces in Grocery Stores in Canada for COVID-19 [Study]

The University of Guelph looked at the risk of exposure from high-touch surfaces within grocery stores as transmission remains an ongoing concern.

Worker Shortage or Poor Work Conditions? Here’s What’s Really Vexing Canadian Restaurants

A variety of reasons, including working conditions, are a threat to the future of restaurant operators in Canada.

From PPE Shortages to COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, The Supply Chain has Emerged as a Determinant of Health: Op-Ed

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how disruptions to global supply chains could also affect access to health care.

What Canada Can Learn From Sweden About Creating Middle-Class Retail Jobs: Op-Ed

Canadian grocery-store workers earn low wages compared to their counterparts in Sweden. Why?

Tips Should be Included in Menu Prices as Restaurants in Canada Reopen: Op-Ed

Two noted academics say that the time has come to do away with foodservice gratuities.

To Create a Better Work Environment After COVID-19, We Must Truly Hear Employees: Op-Ed

Research shows that there’s a disconnect between the way media covered work issues during the pandemic and the stories workers felt were important for the public to understand.

The Trouble with Mandatory Face Masks in Canadian Retailers: Expert Commentary

A labour studies professor lays out the challenges retailers are facing amid rules and regulations during the pandemic.

Governments Must Work with Foodservice Businesses on a No-Fee Delivery App: Op-Ed

An expert explains how high delivery fees are crushing the industry as consumers increasingly order online.

How Online Markets Are Helping Local Retailers in Canada Survive COVID-19

Thanks to platforms that link online consumption to local interests, the desire to buy local, a trend fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, is now giving rise to a new phenomenon known as “digital localism”.

Dress Pants Optional: How Retailers Are Dealing With Changing Consumer Habits

Consumer habits form around regular patterns of daily activity such as commuting, working and recreation. As these patterns change, so do consumer habits.

The Demise of the Department Store in Canada Heralds a Shift in Downtown

An expert says that the automobile and suburban malls are partly responsible for the decline of downtown retail.

The MEC Debacle is a Predictable and Avoidable Governance Failure: Expert

MEC began eroding its membership’s democratic voice years ago, which put in motion the process that’s led to its demise as a co-operative.

Customer Experience will Help Retailers Overcome the Financial Hit from Coronavirus in Canada

The human touch will define who the winners will be post-coronavirus according to one expert.

Coronavirus Recovery: Canadian Small Businesses Must Focus on Easing Employee, Customer Fears

Two experts provide an overview of how protocols and perceptions are necessary to bring consumers back to physical businesses.
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