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Here’s What We Can Learn from Canada’s Response to Inflation in the 1980s and 1990s [Op-Ed]

Younger, poorer households have disproportionately suffered because their price index is skewed more toward food and shelter, say the authors.

Robotic Retail Gaining Traction in Canada, But Some Consumers are Being Left Behind [Op-Ed]

Automated retailers without in-store staff are opening across Canada, such as Aisle 24, RC Coffee and PizzaForno -- but consumers without smart phones, credit cards, or with vision issues may not be able to access these retailers says a researcher.

Employers Should Use Skill-Based Hiring to Find Hidden Talent and Address Labour Challenges [Op-Ed]

The trend of employers demanding higher degrees and experience for jobs is creating challenges in recruitment, increasing costs, and hindering workplace diversity, according to studies.

Why Policing is Not the Answer to Shoplifting at Grocery Stores in Canada [Op-Ed]

An expert discusses the need for addressing the root causes of theft rather than criminalizing those driven by economic necessity.

What Drives People to Panic Buy During Times of Crisis: A New Study Sheds Light on the Psychology of Consumers [Op-Ed]

A study identified four distinct consumer groups based on psychological traits, each displaying unique purchasing habits influenced by factors like fear of embarrassment and fear of missing out. Understanding these consumer motivations can help retailers.

How Canadian Companies Can Use Tech to Identify Forced Labour in Their Supply Chains [Op-Ed]

Companies face reporting obligations with Canada's new Fighting Against Forced Labor and Child Labor in Supply Chains Act, with experts discussing the situation.

The Hidden Risks of Buy Now, Pay Later: What Consumers Need to Know as More Players Enter the Market [Op-Ed]

Tech-savvy, low-income millennials and Gen Z consumers have been particularly receptive to the concept which lacks regulatory oversight. An expert says that there are potential risks and a need for protection to ensure transparency within this burgeoning industry.

The Rising Cost of Living in Canada is Eroding Brand Loyalty as Consumers Seek More Cost-Effective Alternatives [Op-Ed]

Two experts discuss how factors such as inflation, digital platforms, and the pursuit of more affordable options are driving this shift, posing challenges and opportunities for retailers to adapt to changing consumer needs and maintain customer loyalty.

Ontario’s 2-Tier Minimum Wage: As Discriminatory Now as it Was in the 1990s [Op-Ed]

An expert discusses a two-tier wage system that was initially challenged on the grounds of age discrimination but ultimately maintained due to employer lobbying and economic concerns. Now the question is: what's next?

Grocery Retailers are Benefiting from Food Subsidies in Northern Canada [Op-Ed]

A recent study reveals that Northern Canadian retailers might not be passing on food subsidies fully to consumers. Current accountability measures are called into question, with a push for increased price transparency online.

The Price of Love: Why Millennials and Gen Zs are Running Up Major Dating Debt [Op-Ed]

Retail marketing strategies that link luxury with love contribute to debt by enticing consumers to overspend on high-end goods, ultimately leading to a false sense of connection between luxury and love in modern relationships, says a Canadian expert.

The Debate over Canada Bread’s $50 Million Price Fixing Fine [Op-Ed]

The record-breaking fine has ignited discussions about the purpose and allocation of corporate penalties as part of broader discussions on corporate accountability.

Learning from Lululemon: If Canada Wants to Get Serious about Forced Labour, Disclosure Laws Won’t Do [Op-Ed]

The authors say that the new law falls short of what is required to make large corporations exercise due diligence to prevent labour abuse from occurring within their supply chains.

Inflation is Down Overall in Canada, So Why are Grocery Bills Still Going Up? [Op-Ed]

An expert discusses a 'perfect storm' situation where a variety of factors are at play, affecting the cost of food in this country.

Increasing Retail Monopoly Power Poses a Threat to Canada’s Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery [Op-Ed]

From early history to modern day, various industries including retail have seen a select few key players for various reasons.

Department Stores Survived the Pandemic by being Adaptable and Innovative [Op-Ed]

An author says that innovation during the pandemic, plus having a wide range of products, a brand history and customer relationships means there's a future for the store format.

The New Grocery Code of Conduct Should Benefit Both Canadians and the Food Industry [Op-Ed]

An industry expert provides an overview of what the new code should improve and supply chain management practices as consumers grapple with rapid food inflation.

New Research Shows how a Single Consumer Group has the Power to Influence Product Pricing at Retailers [Op-Ed]

Two academics discuss a new study showing the effects of showrooming on retail pricing, with some surprising findings.

First Target, then Nordstrom — Why do Big Retailers Keep Failing in Canada? [Op-Ed]

The perspective that U.S. retailers are somehow more prone to failure than Canadian retail chains is unconvincing, but the Canadian retail landscape is challenging for newcomers, says an expert.

Why Canada Needs a Plan to Safeguard Consumers Against Counterfeit and Pirated Goods [Op-Ed]

The problem needs to be addressed, according to an expert, to save consumers at a time when fake products are showing up everywhere.

Loblaw’s PR Response to Consumer Criticism Shows it Prioritizes Profit Over People [Op-Ed]

The grocery retailer announced over $500mill in Q4 profits this week as consumers struggle with price increases.

Large Corporations Make Huge Profits from Hidden Markups at the Expense of Consumers [Op-Ed]

A professor of economics analyses pricing versus costs and inflation to determine if consumers are being gouged in Canada.

Why Tip Fatigue May be Setting in for North Americans [Op-Ed]

Since the pandemic, many are saying tipping is out of control with some prompts now asking for over 30% from businesses of all kinds. Some consumers have had enough.

How Sensations Draw Consumers into Stores, Retail Areas and Malls [Op-Ed]

An expert discusses how humans are drawn to experiences and how the physical environment can have a profound impact on consumer behaviours.

The Metaverse Offers Challenges and Possibilities for the Future of the Retail Industry [Op-Ed]

An expert discusses challenges and opportunities for retailers in a virtual world that is still in its infancy.
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