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How to Make Fragile Global Supply Chains Stronger and More Sustainable: Op-Ed

Challenges come at a critical time as retailers stock stores for the busy December Holiday Season.

Testing High-Touch Surfaces in Grocery Stores in Canada for COVID-19 [Study]

The University of Guelph looked at the risk of exposure from high-touch surfaces within grocery stores as transmission remains an ongoing concern.

Worker Shortage or Poor Work Conditions? Here’s What’s Really Vexing Canadian Restaurants

A variety of reasons, including working conditions, are a threat to the future of restaurant operators in Canada.

From PPE Shortages to COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, The Supply Chain has Emerged as a Determinant of Health: Op-Ed

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how disruptions to global supply chains could also affect access to health care.

What Canada Can Learn From Sweden About Creating Middle-Class Retail Jobs: Op-Ed

Canadian grocery-store workers earn low wages compared to their counterparts in Sweden. Why?

Tips Should be Included in Menu Prices as Restaurants in Canada Reopen: Op-Ed

Two noted academics say that the time has come to do away with foodservice gratuities.

To Create a Better Work Environment After COVID-19, We Must Truly Hear Employees: Op-Ed

Research shows that there’s a disconnect between the way media covered work issues during the pandemic and the stories workers felt were important for the public to understand.

The Trouble with Mandatory Face Masks in Canadian Retailers: Expert Commentary

A labour studies professor lays out the challenges retailers are facing amid rules and regulations during the pandemic.

Governments Must Work with Foodservice Businesses on a No-Fee Delivery App: Op-Ed

An expert explains how high delivery fees are crushing the industry as consumers increasingly order online.

How Online Markets Are Helping Local Retailers in Canada Survive COVID-19

Thanks to platforms that link online consumption to local interests, the desire to buy local, a trend fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, is now giving rise to a new phenomenon known as “digital localism”.
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