"The Interview Series" Podcast

Podcast [Interview]: Terry Cassaday, Founder and CEO of ergoCentric

Craig speaks with Terry Cassaday, Founder and CEO of ergonomic chair company ergoCentric which is expanding further into retail with new storefronts.

Podcast [Interview]: Michele Bailey Discusses Gratitude and its Positive Impact on Businesses

Craig and Michelle Bailey, Founder & CEO at The Blazing Group, discuss her new book "The Currency of Gratitude" and lessons that retailers can use in organizational training and overall operations.

Podcast [Interview]: Jon Bishop, Founder of CDNGLOBAL Commercial Real Estate Services

Craig and Jon discuss the launch of Vancouver-based CDNGLOBAL and what makes it unique, and the discussion shifts into what's being seen in the market.

Podcast [Interview]: Peter Simons of La Maison Simons Discusses Pandemic Business Struggles

Craig and Peter have an honest discussion around the challenges the retailer faced over the course of the pandemic, and what the future might hold for the retailer which is striking unique partnerships.

Podcast [Interview]: JJ Wilson and Tanner Johnston Launch Performance Skincare for Men

Craig speaks with entrepreneurs JJ Wilson and Tanner Johnston in an energetic conversation about their new Reyal Performance skincare and supplements lines.

Podcast [Interview]: DECIEM CEO Nicola Kilner Discusses the Future of the Brand

Craig and Nicola Kilner, CEO of Toronto-based beauty brand DECIEM, discuss the company's expansion including stores, growth during the pandemic as well as future plans for the rapidly growing iconic brand.

Podcast [CEO Interview]: FYidoctors Expands with Medical Aesthetics

Craig speaks with Dr. Alan Ulsifer, CEO of FYidoctors, discussing the optical company's expansion into medical aesthetics. Dr. Ulsifer reveals that his company is expanding further in Canada as well as into the United States and eventually globally.

Podcast [Interview]: Noah Stern, Co-CEO of Moose Knuckles

Craig speaks with Moose Knuckles co-CEO Noah Stern about the future of the company as it goes fur-free. Included in the discussion is how Moose Knuckles pivoted and grew during the pandemic as well as its future plans to expand the brand with standalone stores globally.

Podcast [Interview]: Drew Green Discusses the Future of INDOCHINO

This week Craig speaks with INDOCHINO CEO Drew Green about where the company is going, including a new partnership with Nordstrom.

Podcast [Interview]: Anjli Patel and Gurpreet Ahluwalia Talk Fashion and Styling at Holt Renfrew

This week, Craig speaks with fashion icons Anjli and Gurpreet, discussing fashion in Canada as they begin working with Holt Renfrew as style consultants. The discussion includes a conversation about diversity as well as what we'll be wearing as people begin to socialize in public again.
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