"The Weekly" Podcast

Shift in Yorkville Retail as Harry Rosen Prepares to Relocate Bloor Street Flagship [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss Harry Rosen's flagship store moving from Bloor Street to Cumberland Street in Toronto's Yorkville, marking a significant shift in the area's retail landscape.

Changes in Toronto’s Yorkville with Pusateri’s and Flo’s Diner Closing [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss the significant closures of Pusateri's grocery and Flo's Diner in Yorkville, Toronto, reflecting on the neighborhood's evolution and future luxury developments.

Robson Street in Vancouver Shifting with New Retailers being Added [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss significant retail changes on Vancouver's Robson Street, including new store openings like adidas and Arc'teryx, the relocation of Roots, and upcoming developments.

CF Sherway Gardens: Sales Per Square Foot Record Set as New Retailers Open [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss CF Sherway Gardens' success as it adds retailers, as well as the future of the centre which features a hollowed-out Saks Fifth Avenue.

New Loblaws City Market Opens in Vancouver’s ‘The Post’ Building, Adding Grocery Competition to the Downtown Core [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss the opening of a new Loblaws City Market in downtown Vancouver's renovated Post building, and they explore its potential impact on local grocery shopping.

Oakridge Park Announces 1st Luxury Retailers, Attracting Top Brands to Vancouver [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss the latest Oakridge Park announcement, highlighting the addition of luxury and upper contemporary brands to Vancouver's retail landscape and how it will impact downtown.

2023’s Most Read Articles on Retail Insider and What’s to Come [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss the most read articles of 2023 including HBC/Zellers, Nordstrom's exit from Canada, the future of rooms+spaces, and other developments and challenges in the retail landscape.

Vancouver vs. San Francisco Retail: Vacancies, Social Challenges, Luxury Retail Thrives [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss the differences and similarities in the retail scenes of Vancouver and San Francisco. They explore store closures, the impact of poverty on retail, rising retail crime, and the resilience of high-end retailers in these cities.

The Decline of Downtown Retail: Exploring Edmonton’s Struggle and the Impact on Canadian Cities [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss the challenges facing downtown retail in North America, focusing on Edmonton's decline. They explore the impact of suburban shopping centers, changing consumer behavior, and potential solutions for reviving downtown vibrancy, touching on issues like crime and urban planning.

State of the Canadian Jewellery Industry Amid Direct-to-Consumer Brand Push [Podcast]

Craig and Lee delve into emerging trends in the Canadian jewellery industry, including the growing presence of luxury brands and the shift towards direct-to-consumer retail.

Comparing San Francisco’s Union Square Retail to Toronto’s Bloor-Yorkville [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss Craig's recent trip to San Francisco, focusing on the Union Square area's retail scene. They compare it to Toronto's Yorkville and discuss the challenges and strengths of each, including safety, luxury retail, and urban design.

Bloor Street Retail Transformation: Luxury Brands, Renovations, and New Openings in Toronto [Podcast]

Craig and Lee take a deep dive into the dynamic changes occurring on Toronto's Bloor Street West, noting the street's resurgence as a thriving hub for luxury shopping in the city.

Luxury Retail Competition Heats Up Between Bloor-Yorkville and Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss the intensifying competition between the two luxury retail nodes, and why one may have an advantage in attracting brands over another.

Are Comprehensive ‘World Of’ Concessions Best for Department Stores? [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss the contrasting approaches of department stores and brand-specific "World Of" concessions in retail.

Unprecedented Luxury Retail Expansion: Yorkdale’s Transformation with High-End Brands [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss the ongoing transformation of Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre, which is on its way to becoming one of the world's leading luxury retail destinations.

Toronto’s Yorkville Seeing Ongoing Transformation with Kith Store and Other Upscale Retailers [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss the exciting arrival of Kith, an international fashion brand that is a key tenant to the transformation of Toronto's downtown luxury shopping area.

Londonderry Mall’s Ongoing Transformation and Hudson’s Bay Retention [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss the transformation and new additions at Londonderry Mall in Edmonton, including a downsized Hudson's Bay store with an outlet concept.

Push to Self Checkout Creates Negative Customer Experience in Loblaw Stores [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss frustrations with self checkouts, focusing on their experiences at Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Exploring the State of Canadian Retail: Consumer Trends and Challenges [Podcast]

Craig and Lee dive into the current state of the Canadian retail industry, discussing recent consumer trends and challenges.

Final Farewell: Reflecting on Nordstrom’s Exit from Canada [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss the final exit of Nordstrom from Canada after almost 8 years, including the smashing of fixtures by staff in Vancouver during liquidation, challenges Nordstrom had in Canada, speculation on future of old Nordstrom locations and an American Nordstrom discussion.

Yorkville Avenue Retail Update: New Retailers Coming to the Luxury Strip [Podcast]

Craig and Lee have a conversation about what's happening on Yorkville Avenue in Toronto, which has seen several high-end brands lease space on the street in recent weeks. The area is changing rapidly as the population grows and Yorkville Avenue finds its place as a luxury address.

Retail in Montreal: Downtown Core, Royalmount and Neighbourhood Discussion [Podcast]

Retail Insider's Craig Patterson talks about his recent trip to see retail in Montreal. The conversation with Lee includes a discussion on what's being seen downtown including vacancies on Ste-Catherine Street as well as the city's amazing food halls. Craig also visited the Royalmount project which is set to open next year, and toured other areas including the city's Gay Village.

Nordstrom Rack Closes Canadian Stores: A Discussion [Podcast]

Craig and Lee chat about Nordstrom Rack as it exits its Canadian operations. Some stores were doing better than others -- and the retailer's strategy to carry fewer high-end and exciting brands is partly to blame for Canadian apathy.

Zellers Relaunch: What’s in Store and Will it be a Success? [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss the relaunch of the iconic Canadian retailer including what’s in-store, and Craig’s opinion of the success of the future of the new Zellers concept. Included is a discussion on Zellers’ new Anko line and its various categories, which has seen success at Kmart Australia where it first launched. 

Bloor Street Update: What’s on the Way for Toronto’s Luxury Run? [Podcast]

Craig and Lee talk about retail on Bloor Street in downtown Toronto, including the new temporary Fabricland store where H&M was, as well as new big brands and luxury brands that will be opening this year nearby.
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