"The Weekly" Podcast

Park Royal Shopping Centre [Mall Tour]

An off-schedule podcast touring the Park Royal Shopping Centre in West Vancouver, British Columbia, in September 2020. Craig and Lee discuss what’s happening at Park Royal in a tour showcasing what’s open and what has closed recently.

214: Oakridge Centre Stores Shutting Until 2024 for Incredible Redevelopment [Exclusive]

This week Craig & Lee break exclusive details on the Oakridge Shopping Centre retail transformation in Vancouver, British Columbia. The discussion touches upon tenant closures, accelerated construction schedule and what the final community will look like for Vancouver. Some history about the centre is also discussed, including the enclosure of the mall in 1984 which saw Woodward’s relocate its flagship to Oakridge, as well as Canada’s first Abercrombie & Fitch as it once was in decades past.

213: Brands Opening Stores & Ann Taylor, Mendocino and Swimco Filings/Closures

This week Craig & Lee talk about brands opening stores including Dyson and Canada Goose, why experiential retail is needed for physical stores to survive, as well as filings and store closures for Ann Taylor, Mendocino and Swimco.

212: Summer 2020 Wave of Permanent Store Closures in Canada

This week Craig & Lee talk about the latest retail casualties which have begun closing stores as a result of COVID-19 or exacerbated by it. The discussion flows through Canadian, nationwide retailers and then international retailers that have been affected.

211: Discussing Holt Renfrew Ogilvy in Montreal as it Opens All Floors

This week Craig & Lee talk about the opening of the massively renovated Holt Renfrew Ogilvy luxury department store in Montreal. The discussion flows through the building from main floor luxury brand concession hall through to footwear, jewellery and upstairs to the personal shopping and Tudor Hall on the fifth floor.

210: Luxury Brand CHANEL Opens New Downtown Calgary Boutique

This week Craig & Lee talk about the new CHANEL boutique in Calgary. The discussion touches upon the history of CHANEL boutiques over the past decades, Holt Renfrew’s positioning of the concession and the strategy involved by the luxury retailer.

209: Bankruptcy Filings (Bestseller, Comark, SAIL) & Canada Goose Focusing on Own Stores

This week Craig & Lee talk about the recent bankruptcy protection filing announcements and Canada Goose’s latest announcement. The discussion touches upon Bestseller, Comark, and SAIL’s latest filings for bankruptcy protection as well as Canada Goose’s continued shift to direct-to-consumer sales.

208: COVID-19: Stores Begin Reopening in Canada, Some Closing Permanently

This week Craig & Lee talk about the COVID-19 re-opening retail announcements as well as the closure announcements. Reopenings included IKEA, Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew while the closures ranged from Victoria Secret (L Brands), Reitmans, Stokes and Nando’s.

207: COVID-19 2 Month Review, HBC Closing Downtown Edmonton Store

This week Craig & Lee review the COVID-19 articles and HBC’s closure of their downtown Edmonton store.

206: COVID-19 and its Early Impact on Canadian Retailers and What’s to Come

This week Craig & Lee talk about COVID-19 and the early impacts on the Canadian retailers and landlords.

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