Zaid Kaddoura

Gentrification Leads to Exodus of Art Galleries on Toronto’s West Queen West [Feature/Interviews]

The Toronto neighbourhood that once had North America’s highest concentration of galleries has lost almost all of its artists. Retail Insider investigates.

Major Condo Tower Rezoning Application Threatens a Block’s Worth of Toronto Restaurants

Developers say that they're responding to shifting urban trends, though only two small commercial spaces are proposed where a block of businesses currently operate.

Queen Street West Retailers in Toronto Anxious about Metrolinx Ontario Line Construction [Interviews]

Construction has the community worried that they’ll experience a repeat of Eglinton line ‘nightmare’.

Toronto’s West Queen West Ravaged by Pandemic Losses: Interviews

While recovery is expected, hard times are still ahead with more retailers and restaurants expected to shutter. One broker expects 70% of cannabis retailers to shut on the strip as another transition is at play.
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