Oppsense.Digital Bring Innovative Augmented Shopping Solutions to Canadian Retailers


Oppsense.Digital, a digital catalyst based in Toronto, has announced a new partnership agreement with PulpoAR, a London based company that is operating in international markets including U.S., Brazil and Turkey.

This new partnership agreement between Oppsense.Digital and PulpoAR means Canadian retailers will be boosting their omnichannel strategy and integrating augmented shopping solutions, offering virtual try-on for makeup and eyewear, smart mirror and facial recognition technology along with digital signage to increase the sales conversions. Powered by AI & Deep Learning as its foundation, PulpoAR solutions transforms the retail experience. In addition, custom Augmented Reality (AR) filters for social media allows the businesses to showcase their products in engaging ways, increasing brand awareness.

PulpoAR solutions are being used by international clients that include SAP, Watsons, Rossman, Lojas Renner, Kiehls’ and Zubizu.

According to Cagdas Clark Onen, Managing Director of Oppsense.Digital, ‘70% of consumers are loyal to brands incorporating Augmented Reality as part of their shopping experience. Joining AR, AI and social media together, we provide an entirely new track, a unique experience for customers. We are uncovering value for retailers and customers. We are happy to offer this premium partnership to Canadian businesses and we are confident that it will provide tremendous value.’

According to Onur Candan, Founder of PulpoAR, “We believe that the customer journey is not linear, and has multiple different touchpoints in both digital and physical worlds. It is essential to provide a truly personalized, connected, and innovative customer journey that evokes emotion and drives them to take action. By combining Computer Vision, AR, and AI technologies, we are delivering the “try-on” experience, which is one of the biggest deficiencies in e-commerce. Thanks to our partnership with Oppsense.Digital, we are excited that we can also offer this technology to Canadian businesses.”

You can see the company credentials on the website:

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