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Eagle Eye ‘Connected Consumer Report’ Reveals Canadian Shopping Preferences

While online is overtaking the store for browsing, search and discovery, the physical store is still an essential part of the consumer engagement mix as well as the preferred venue for completing the purchase, according to the study.

How to Survive the Future of Retail: China, Gen Z, and Mega Tech Companies

Industry expert Sean Keith discusses why being data-driven and digitally enabled are critical for the survival of retailers in today’s landscape.

How Canadian Retailers Can Utilize Mobile & Social Channels to Boost Footfall and Revenue

The key to this approach is delivering timely, relevant and compelling marketing communications via mobile and social channels, according to one expert.

Eagle Eye CEO Co-Authors Groundbreaking Book on Omnichannel Retail

Tim Mason and Miya Knights explain how online shopping presents an opportunity for brick-and-mortar retailers, and is not a threat, given potential for meaningful customer connections.

Canadian Retailers Using Social Channels to Build Customer Acquisition and Retention

With major social media players such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter positioning their platforms as customer acquisition channels, retailers are seeing benefits beyond advertising-only.

How Canadian Retailers Can Fight Fraud with Digital Offers and Staff Rewards

Tim Mason, CEO of software company Eagle Eye, examines how retailers can mitigate issues of fraud by leveraging customer and staff loyalty initiatives.
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