Retailers Reconsider Self-Checkout Strategy as Theft Soars in Canada [Interview]

An expert says self-checkouts are leading to a normalization of theft and that some retailers are beginning to see them more as a liability.

Push to Self Checkout Creates Negative Customer Experience in Loblaw Stores [Podcast]

Craig and Lee discuss frustrations with self checkouts, focusing on their experiences at Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Sylvain Charlebois: Are Self-Checkouts Winning the Machine vs. Human Battle?

“Before the pandemic, many Canadians felt uneasy about the presence of self-checkout counters at the grocery store. They were considered by many as job killers. The pandemic is apparently changing that."

Thinking Beyond Self-Checkouts to Improve the Customer Experience in Grocery Stores

Grocery retailers in Canada are now looking beyond self-checkouts to design the next generation of in-store experiences that will keep consumers coming back. An expert says that the biggest trends to watch for in the coming years are in interactive digital displays, data extraction, and further application of IoT.
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