Insider Interview Re: Canada Post Site in Vancouver

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Today we interviewed an insider regarding the Canada Post site in Vancouver, BC. The post office is owned by the Federal Government and sits on about three acres of land. Our interview was very interesting, to say the least.

We have agreed to keep our source anonymous, as he/she is a very prominent person involved directly/indirectly in business and politics.

We got so much information from the interview that we’re going to take the weekend to put it together. Next week we’ll post a series of articles about the interview, including text of the conversation itself. Some of the information will be shocking. We will reveal what retailers are interested in the site, what several developers want to do with the site, why they don’t want it designated as a heritage site, and why the City of Vancouver may have already made up their minds about what will be done with Canada Post.  These will certainly be some of our most interesting articles.

Stay tuned Monday, October 29th for the first part of our interview with ‘Insider X’ on the proposed redevelopment of Vancouver’s current Canada Post site.



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