Holt Renfrew Website’s “VIP Section” is ‘by Password Only’

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Holt Renfrew has launched a new ‘VIP Section’ on its website. It’s password protected for Holt Renfrew’s ‘most valued clients’ (meaning those who spend more on in one season @Holts than most of us earn in a year).

This is the url to the special site: http://www.holtrenfrew.com/en/holt/content/footer/vip/look-books

Those allowed ‘in’ this website section may purchase “limited-edition, one of a kind and special order items” according to Holt Renfrew.

We’ll admit we’re not among the fortunate few to get a password. We are, however, working on getting one from a Holt Renfrew insider. If successful, we’ll post pics of the inner-workings of Holt’s website VIP section so us plebs can get a taste of the online high-life.

Holt Renfrew VIP website: www.holtrenfrew.com/access



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