Holt Renfrew Charity Blankets + Friday Floorplans

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Today Holt Renfrew launches its collaboration with Giorgio Armani to sell baby blankets. Proceeds will be going to Free the Children, a charity dedicated to bettering the lives of third-world youth. The $50 blankets will be available at all Holt Renfrew stores on the morning of Friday, May 3rd. They are expected to sell-out quickly, and the intention is to raise $100,000 for Free the Children.

Holt Renfrew has had yearly charitable collaborations with designers including last year’s collaboration with Tory Burch to sell ‘feed bags’ for her charity.

We applaud Holt Renfrew’s efforts to raise money for charity. We encourage others to do the same.

For fun, Retail Insider will do the occasional ‘Friday Floorplans’ post. In honour of Holt Renfrew’s good work, we’re posting the lease plans for the four levels of the Calgary Holt Renfrew store, courtesy of its landlord 20 Vic Management. The entire Calgary Holt Renfrew store occupies 146,887 square feet over four floors, of which the first three are retail space open to the public. 

It is Holt Renfrew’s second-largest store, surpassed only by the Toronto Bloor Street flagship which is about 185,000 square feet. 

For interior images of Calgary’s stunning Holt Renfrew store, check out this link: http://reubenkrabbe.com/wordpress/holt-renfrew-calgary

A link to the full press release for the Holt Renfrew + Armani for Feed The Children collaboration can be found here: http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1152383/exclusively-designed-armani-baby-blanket-to-benefit-free-the-children

Next week we’re excited to be presenting plans and renderings of Ottawa’s drastically renovated and expanded Rideau Shopping Centre. It will be Canada’s first mall to include anchors Nordstrom and La Maison Simons. Thank you for reading Retail Insider. Have an excellent weekend!

Holt Renfrew website: www.HoltRenfrew.com

Feed the Children website: www.freethechildren.com



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