Can You Afford To Do Nothing As Fraud Increases?

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Today, less than 1 in 10 merchants get more than half of their revenue from the mobile channel. But that number is projected to triple to nearly 1 in 3 merchants in just two years. What will be the impact on fraud prevention and fraud losses? 

The Fraud360 World Tour is coming to Toronto with sessions presented by the world’s leading fraud prevention and payment companies. 

Fraud360 Toronto | Thursday, June 23 | 8:30 am to 1:00 pm | Hyatt Regency

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about fraud trends, global transaction insights, eCommerce data, changes in the payment landscape and further use this knowledge to protect their company from fraud. Discussions will include the future of fraud and payments and how these fraudsters are continually changing their tools and tactics to steal from businesses across the globe. Retailers will learn how important it is to stay ahead of these fraud trends in order to beat fraudsters at their own game. Join Ethoca, BlueSnap, and Kount, as they address the most pressing issues in payments and fraud today, while sharing their own experiences and tools. 

Attendees will see and hear informative presentations about the latest data and insights concerning eCommerce and mCommerce fraud prevention: 

•    You Have A Checkout Abandonment Problem & May Not Know It. Scott Fitzgerald, Senior VP of Marketing at BlueSnap, will discuss the issues that cause checkout abandonment, and what you can do as a business to convert more of your shoppers and visitors into buyers. $147B is at risk from checkout abandonment issues in the United States – how much are you losing out on?

•    Stopping Fraud & Improving Acceptance: Walking The Transaction Tightrope Fragment. Steward Macintosh, Director of North American Sales at Ethoca, will discuss the “transaction tightrope” and how to combine different tools and tactics to prevent fraud while also accepting and encouraging transactions. 

•    Detect & Deter: What Are Fraudsters Up To? Don Bush, VP of Marketing at Kount, will educate attendees on what fraudsters are up to and what they’re searching for next. Learning global criminal techniques and trends is essential to keeping your company’s revenue up and fraudulent transactions down.

Take this opportunity to network with others in the industry while also sharing best practices and tools for fraud prevention. Complimentary breakfast and lunch will be served. Registration is free and easy, reserve your spot today!

*This content was sponsored by Fraud360 World Tour. 



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