Last Chance to Register for eTail Canada Conference, May 7-9 in Toronto

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By Retail Insider 

There’s still time to register for this year’s eTail Canada Conference that will be held May 7-9, 2019 in Toronto. The conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Toronto, located at 370 King Street West in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant Entertainment District.  [Register Here]

eTail Canada is offering 20% off the current price for retailers when you register with code ETC19RI

In February eTail Canada released its full conference agenda as well as its informative 2019 Director’s Report which provides an overview of the industry.

eTail Canada offers attendees the opportunity to hear from an impressive roster of speakers, with networking opportunities available. 

This year’s roster of speakers at eTail Canada includes some dynamic names working with companies such as Alibaba, Amazon, Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Loblaw, McDonald’s Metro, Staples Canada, Starbucks Canada, Walmart and several others. [See the Full List of Speakers Here]

Some of the prominent speakers at eTail Canada will include: 

  • Mike Gettis, Founder and CEO of Canadian mattress-in-a-box brand Endy,
  • Carl Boutet, Lead for the Bensadoun Retail School of Management Lab at McGill University in Montreal,
  • Lee McCabe, VP of Alibaba Group North America,
  • Krista Collinson, VP of E-Commerce Merchandising at Walmart Canada,
  • Simon Rodrigue, SVP and CDO of Staples Canada,
  • Nancy Modrcin, VP of Marketing at Metro,
  • Chris Tarrant, VP, Store Development & Design at Starbucks Canada,
  • Matthew Cebulski, Head of Discovery and Partner Success at Loblaw Digital,
  • Alan Gertner, Managing Director of Hiku Brands and CRO of Canopy Growth Corporation,
  • Dan Park, Head of Uber Eats Canada,
  • Peter van Stolk, CEO of,

Various presentations will also be engaging and interactive, including a ‘Tonight Show’ style panel titled ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’. The topic pertains to the cannabis industry, a hot topic with recent legalization in Canada. There will also be several problem-solving workshops and case studies, as well as roundtable discussions. 

There will also be ‘fireside chats’ with a variety of topics, and even an ‘Ecomm Tech Dragons’ Den’ on May 9. 

eTail Canada has been in operation since 1999, and this year more than 500 senior-level retail executives will meet to benchmark, network, and discuss the future of the industry. If you are seeking to develop a cutting-edge retail tech strategy or benefit from disruptive content and focused peer-to-peer networking, eTail Canada is an event you can’t miss.

In summary, and for more information on this year’s eTail Canada conference:

[eTail Canada Homepage]

[Download Agenda Here]

[eTail Canada 2019 Director’s Report]

And furthermore: [Register Here] and use discount code ETC19RI to get 20% off. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

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