7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Warehouse Sale Facilitator

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The Canadian retail industry is shifting drastically; companies are increasingly seeking out ways to clear out excess inventory, while at the same time, consumers are increasingly seeking out bargains. Costs of living are going up, and incomes are stagnating, leaving more consumers than ever before embracing warehouse sales.

As a result, companies with excess products are turning to warehouse sale facilitators to quickly and efficiently sell out inventory. Coordinating such large events can be challenging, as it requires organization as well as extensive marketing efforts.

One company in particular, OPM Sales, stands out with its value proposition that includes professional services that aim to make the process as convenient as possible for vendors.

The following are seven key factors that vendors should consider when choosing a warehouse sale facilitator.

(1)  Location

It’s important that a warehouse sale be accessible to a large population of consumers in order to maximize foot traffic and to drive sales. Given the nature of warehouse sales, highway access with connectivity to the region is particularly important.

In the Greater Toronto Area, OPM Sales’ massive 60,000+ square foot warehouse in Newmarket is located just off of Highway 404 and Mulock Drive, making it a prime location for those in the Greater Toronto Area. With Toronto’s rapidly growing region of more than six million residents, OPM has managed to draw a massive attraction to their events.

(2)  Marketing Team

To make your warehouse sale a success, it’s important to get the word out to as many people as possible. Between social media, TV & other digital mediums, let alone traditional print media, it can be difficult to capture the attention of shoppers.  

OPM Sales has a professional marketing team that solely focuses on getting the word out and driving as much foot traffic as possible to the sale. One strategic asset is OPM Sales’ expansive database of loyal shoppers in its email list – some customers have been attending these sales since the beginning, while new customers are continually being added. As a result of OPM’s strong marketing team & ever-expanding mailing list, we have seen consistent growth in attendance to OPM’s warehouse sales.

 (3)  Merchandising Team

To make a warehouse sale event successful, organization is required as well as ensuring a well-stocked sales floor at all times.

Through years of experience conducting warehouse sales, OPM understands the importance of merchandising and restocking. As a result, OPM employs staff that’s sole duties are to focus on restocking top selling merchandise. Retail Insider mentioned in an article last month that OPM Sales has expanded its warehouse liquidation events to all industries.

(4)  New and Repeat Vendors

It’s a great sign when vendors repeatedly utilize the same warehouse sales facilitator when they want to clear out excess stock. Success is measured in how much stock is sold, and how quickly.

Many vendors have become repeat vendors at OPM Sales and have expressed appreciation for OPM Sales’ capabilities to clear out product quickly and efficiently. Sale Event, a leading surplus retailer of Health & Beauty products has stayed with OPM Sales since the beginning. Through the years, OPM Sales has cleared thousands of SKUs for Sale Event, and they will once again be returning to participate in this month’s July Sale (July 24-28).

“SaleEvent has been a vendor with OPM from the start! We have experienced great success at their 5-day sale events, and see many happy customers return for our merchandise. We are also very pleased with the team at OPM who is always attentive and accommodating to our needs.”  – Nancy Purdy, National Events Coordinator

(5)  What Customers are Saying

Consumers can voice their opinion over many different mediums, making consumers more powerful than ever. Look at the companies’ reviews; if they are consistently positive, it is a sign that they’re doing something right. In the mind of a consumer, a successful warehouse sale includes expansive product offerings, attractive prices and an overall positive service experience.

In the case of OPM Sales, its online customer reviews are exceptional with many five-star ratings. That includes Google reviews, Facebook, Yelp and other websites that provide the opportunity to voice such opinions.

Brandon Roach, a loyal OPM customer, described OPM Sales’ events as having “Great prices, huge selection on just about everything”, while another loyal customer, Dianne Hughes Bourgeois described how OPM Sales has a “very professional staff and always great deals to be had”. She enthusiastically went on to say “I Love this place!”

(6)  Sales Team

Having enough trained staff and supervision is critical to the successful operation of a large warehouse sale.

As OPM Sales specializes in warehouse sale events, the company employs fully trained, reputable staff at each of its sales, which includes full-time cashiers, sales associates and an experienced management team. OPM Sales dedicated management team aims to make its warehouse sales as successful and as enjoyable as possible for you. The result has been thousands of happy customers who return again and again for OPM Sales’ warehouse events.

 (7)  Full-Service

 Hosting a warehouse sale is complicated, and vendors have said that they appreciate the convenience of having a company that is able to streamline the process. OPM Sales recognizes this and has created a process to ensure there is minimal effort on your part. OPM Sales handles parking and security, and everything in-between — vendors that have worked with OPM Sales say that they appreciate the simplicity of the process where they supply product to be sold, and OPM Sales handles the rest. As mentioned above, as well, OPM Sales employs full-time staff and marketing professionals to ensure that its regular warehouse events are a tremendous success.

OPM Sales recently announced that they are now clearing out product from various industries. While OPM Sales continues to clear out footwear, apparel and other related products, it has also expanded into clearing out products from categories such as appliances, toys, home décor, outdoor furniture, and more.

Vendors and suppliers interested in working with OPM Sales are encouraged to contact Matthew at: matthew@opmsales.com.

For those seeking to experience one of OPM’s premium warehouse events themselves, the July sale takes place at OPM Sales’ massive 60,000 square foot warehouse facility at 400 Harry Walker Parkway in Newmarket during the following hours:

Wednesday, July 24 to Friday, July 26 from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Saturday July 27 and Sunday, July 28 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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