Canada’s 1st 5D Restaurant to Offer Incredible Experiences in Vancouver

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A massive investment will see Canada’s first ‘5D restaurant open on November 25th on Vancouver’s prestigious West Side. The highly experiential space will be unlike anything in the country to date (see videos below), offering an immersive and customizable experience that is expected to see millions of dollars in annual revenue.

Renowned within China and throughout the world, the publicly traded QuanJuDe Restaurant has over 150 years of impressive dining history and the numerous awards to attest to its level of culinary prowess.*

Company shareholders Doris and Andy Zhang are trusting in the reputation of QuanJuDe to invest $12 million into a build-out of the award-winning establishment at the southeast corner of Cambie Street and West 12th Avenue in the commercial podium of The Spot condominium building.

The add-on, and what makes the new QuanJuDe unique, is that it will be the first 5D restaurant in Canada. While there is a franchise in Toronto operating as QJD, it does not offer an accentuated experience like the Vancouver location will. 

A 5D restaurant is similar to Vancouver’s other multi-dimensional experience, FlyOver Canada, in that individualized dining areas will be wholly experiential and immersive. Guests will choose their environment and with the use of technology will be completely immersed in the chosen narrative, such as the hustle and bustle of Shanghai or the underwater world of a coral reef. There will be a soundscape, either music or ambient, visual projections on the walls and tables, interactive ingredients, with the food and taste rounding out the five dimensions.

The visual projections in the room will be accompanied by a table-top experience, similar to those seen in the Le Petit Chef youtube videos in this article. The presentation of the animations is spaced out between courses to add to the dining experience itself and creates a timeline for the meal, from appetizer to dessert.

A Hiring Fair has been organized to solicit interest and applications for staffing. To be held over three days (October 18-20th), the group is holding the fair at the Park Inn & Suites by Radisson Hotel. Offered is an attractive package for an expensive city with trouble holding onto hospitality workers due to high-cost of living and lack of affordable housing for those in the service industry.

Proposed benefits package includes full medical and dental, extended family care, corporate gym membership, and monthly restaurant gift certificate for those with families with children under six years old and parents over 65 years. No figures available yet as to how many full- and part-time employees will be sought.


Reportedly, when QuanJuDe enters a community, it looks to give back to it in a meaningful fashion. In China, QuanJuDe is a leader in public welfare, using its success to give back by investing in causes such as international healthcare, poverty eradication, and social security. All restaurants in the U.S. donate 3%-5% of their sales to charitable organizations and the company works with landlords to have locations developed with sustainable energy and environmentally friendly designs in mind. 


In China, QuanJuDe has hosted countless numbers of dignitaries and government officials, as it often is the chosen location of state banquets. Historical figures such as United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, President of the International Olympic Committee Juan Antonio Samaranch, and U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger have dined at their locations. At a recent APEC meeting, QuanJuDe was tasked with serving 73,000 people.


As interest in climate change is high in a city as environmentally conscious as Vancouver, we are curious to see if diners with vegan preferences and dietary restrictions, seeking the 5D experience, will be accommodated. The company’s ‘claim to fame’ is the annual serving of 7-million roast ducks, from prix fixe menus, throughout their 120+ international restaurants. 

If the concept takes off in Vancouver, markets such as Toronto and Montreal could be in line for 5D restaurant experiences in years to come.

* China Renowned Trademark, the only restaurant in the service industry to receive such a prestigious title; Gold medal from The World Championship of Chinese Cuisine, hosted by the World Federation of Chinese Catering Industry. 

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