How the Gemstone Market will Generate Massive Revenue in the Coming Years

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Many industries are struggling to regain footing after a tumultuous year due to COVID-19. The gemstone industry, however, is offering some of the most lucrative opportunities yet. According to research by Future Market Insights (FMI), this market continues to exhibit stunning growth potential and is likely to generate massive revenue from now through 2026. The expected industry Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is 5% for this period- a figure indicating the immense profit potential.

The FMI report suggests that this growth will come about due to recent developments in the sector. Firstly, the rate of purchasing customized gemstones as well as gemstones for luxury art has been steadily growing since the recent past. And although both low-end and high-end gemstones have been doing well, the latter shows massive promise because of an upsurge in demand for rare, unique, and high-quality gemstones.

Also, generations Gen Z and millennial are increasing their spending power, which is raising the per capita spending on luxury product categories by consumers. All of this can only mean one thing. Investing in the gem industry is likely to leave you well-off soon. And talking about being well-off.

Rapid Growth also Expected in the Wellness Industry

Research shows that about three-quarters of all American adults are now actively seeking ways to uplift their health. Which is the main reason why the wellness industry has experienced triumphant ascension in recent years. As Forbes writer Scott Nelson puts it, “the rise of an immense, global wellness market reflects people’s changing attitudes towards their health and lifestyle.” Now, more than ever, consumers are prioritizing lifestyle and spending more money on well-being.

Figures from the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) indicate that the wellness industry had a value of over $4 trillion in 2018. That’s the combined GDP of Canada and the United Kingdom. Not only that. The value of the wellness industry today accounts for over 5% of global economic output as per the GWI figures.

Kill Two Big Birds with One Special Stone

Imagine having a stake in both the booming wellness industry as well as the gemstone one. How lucky would you be? Well, you have an opportunity to be this lucky now.

The Rock Spa & Retail Store is up for sale and with this development comes an opportunity of a lifetime. You can sell gemstones as well as wellness services. At the same place, at the same time! Talk about the perfect asset, eh?

If you’re hoping for a better 2021, you ought to take a look at this opportunity. You’ll thank your lucky stars.



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