Retail Marketing: What works NOW

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Retailers are questioning the right marketing mix. Not only are they reevaluating traditional touch points like the printed flyer, they are at the same time striving to earn the trust of their customers in today’s new reality while entertaining them with creative and thoughtful content on their media streams. 

Top retail marketers will share how what they are doing to most effectively connect with their existing and prospective customers at Retail Council of Canada’s Retail Marketing Forum on October 14, 2021. 

Stewart “Brittlestar” Reynolds will pull back the social media curtain to share what inspires him in creating fresh and engaging content, and how he leverages his experiences with “forced opportunity”. Stewart will also share his insights on how to make content “go viral”. 

To provide fresh insight in how the roles of traditional, content, digital, and social marketers are evolving, Jeff Tait, Chief Innovation Officer at Henry’s s and Ian Rosen, Executive Vice President, Digital and Strategy at Harry Rosen will discuss how their companies are leveraging the unique skills sets each specialist brings to help satisfy consumers’ ever-changing needs. 

eCommerce’s surge is also changing how retail marketers need to plan, strategize, and execute. Reshift Media’s Steve Bours will talk about how you can leverage your physical store locations for online success.

For marketers who have decided to move away from the print flyer, the decision has often been a difficult one given Canadian consumers’ emotional attachment. Canac’s Patrick Deslile chats with Mark Smith from reebee about their shift away from the print flyer, the consumer reactions they received, as well as the decision-making process they went through to finally make the change.

Recent reports suggest that now is also the time for retailers to up their game on privacy. Upcoming changes to the use of cookies will require a change in strategy. Holt Renfrew’s Chief Privacy Officer, Kristina Smith chats about the importance of privacy in retail and shares the value of having a dedicated privacy role for your team and customers.

Retail Council of Canada’s Retail Marketing Forum specifically addresses the key needs of today’s retail marketers and what is working NOW.

This year’s Retail Marketing Forum is fully virtual and will be on October 14, 2021, from 1:00 – 4:00 pm ET.  Purchase your ticket today.



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