eTail Canada Releases Trends Report Ahead of September Conference in Toronto

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Ahead of the upcoming  in Toronto on September 28-29, a Trends Report has been released discussing supply chain, strategies for targeting the right customers, and investment strategies, with a discussion how these affect retailers. []

The report comes at a pivotal time as retail sees significant change brought by shifts in consumer behaviour resulting from accessibility of technology and the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The report is broken down into sections. Emerging retail technology is the first part of the report, which goes on to discuss QR Codes and how they are of ongoing importance, and RFID technology which is already proving transformative for retailers such as Amazon Go. The discussion also includes the concept of experiential technology and the future of autonomous delivery. 

The report then dives into the topic of post-Covid investment strategies for retailers which are seeing a bounce-back as consumers pick up spending. An increase in online shopping is requiring more investment in online channels by retailers as well as investments in omnichannel and marketing. 

Tackling supply chain, inflation and fuel costs is another section of the report, representing a hot topic and a point of pain for many retailers as costs have soared and shipments have been a challenge in some instances. Ongoing inflation has been one of the biggest challenges to retailers with consumers complaining of increasing prices. 

The fourth section of the report includes strategies to target the right customers in a cookie-less world — it’s a very hot topic among marketers grappling with Google’s decision to remove third-party tracking from its Chrome browser. Marketers are now faced with challenges as consumers still want personalization online, and fortunately other options are available. 

The future of omnichannel retail is the final section of the report, including talking points around the store of tomorrow. Creating an integrated customer experience while optimizing supply chain and creating an optimal workforce will be crucial for retailers as the world continues to change. 


The highly anticipated  will take place September 28-29 in downtown Toronto at the  located at 370 King Street West. Dozens of speakers have already been confirmed. []

eTail is a two day retreat designed to help businesses increase profits with action-packed strategies and connections made with the top mind’s at Canada’s most successful retailers. 

Download the  to see the completeand inspiring sessions at this year’s eTail Canada Conference.





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