consumer habits

Oxford Properties Announces Same-Day Delivery From Shopping Centres in Canada

The landlord is innovating amid changing consumer preferences.

Consumer Segment Study Shows Range of Optimism and Pessimism Among Canadians

EY identified five consumer segments that are likely to emerge post-pandemic, ranging from pessimism to extravagance in months ahead. Businesses, including retailers, will have to adapt and innovate as a result.

Study Finds COVID-19 Permanently Changing Consumer Behaviours in Canada

An Accenture survey found that Canadians are shifting spending online while frequenting physical businesses less with plans to continue doing so.

Big-Ticket Purchases in Canada Plunge Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: Survey

A study by Field Agent finds that most Canadians are holding off on making major purchases at a challenging time for finances, which as a result will hit sectors of the economy.

Retailers in Canada Must Address Changing Consumer Habits Amid Coronavirus Isolation: Expert

George Minakakis says that retailers will have to adapt as consumers shift away from physical retail, which will also hit landlords in a big way.

Coronavirus Hoarding: Why You Can Stop Amassing Toilet Paper

An expert says that consumer hoarding is not an indication of supply chain failure — it's the mark of an event that no one could have predicted.
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