Éric Blais

Updated Language Laws in Quebec Could Deter Retailers from Entering the Province While Others May Leave [Interview] 

An expert discusses the complexities around Bill 96 and the challenges retailers will face already doing business in Quebec. Some retailers could also leave the province if things become unbearable.

Podcast [Interview] Éric Blais Discusses Quebec’s Language Laws and How Bill 96 will Impact Retailers

Craig interviews Éric Blais, President of Headspace Marketing, about how Bill 96 will impact retailers with rules around signage on stores and other businesses. They also discuss language laws generally and how consumers are greeted in stores — and what the penalties might be for businesses in Quebec not complying.

Size Matters – The Complexity of Retail Signs in Québec Under Bill 96 [Expert Op-Ed]

New legislation means retail signs will need to make French even more prominent, requiring retailers to update signage with costly implications for failure to comply.
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