Juicy Couture

Canada’s ‘Brunette the Label’ Collaborates With Juicy Couture for Limited-Edition Fashion Line

The Canadian clothing label, which promotes positivity, kicked off its first major collaboration with the US-based global lifestyle brand.

Juicy Couture to re-enter Canada, after closing Canadian stores

New Juicy Couture stores will open in Canada in 2015, after the recent closure of all of the brand's stores. The new Juicy locations will be opened by its new parent company, while its previous stores operated under the brand's former owner. Canada's new Juicy Couture stores will be somewhat different than its previous locations, carrying a wider variety of products and some new product categories...

Will Kate Spade replace Canada’s shuttered Juicy Couture stores?

Parent company Kate Spade Inc. has closed Juicy Couture's Canadian stores. Not all is lost, however, as several Juicy Couture locations could become Kate Spade stores. The same is happening with its American locations, causing some to speculate that as many as four new Kate Spade shops could open in Canada by the end of this summer...

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