Sobeys Expanding In-Store Vertical Farms Across Canada

Local farmers manage the vertical farming at the individual grocery stores, where a variety of herbs, microgreens, leafy greens, and lettuces are grown year round.

In Conversation with Sarah Joyce of Sobeys Inc. on Friday April 30th 2pm-3pm

This is the first of four In Conversation With Retail Leaders webinars where Canada’s most visionary retailers and industry insiders will discuss innovation in retail and provide critical insights to successfully leading businesses through disruptive times.

Why Canadian Grocers Need a Code of Conduct: Sylvain Charlebois

The industry expert says that Sobeys' getting behind it will also help independent grocers at a challenging time.

Empire’s Michael Medline Discusses the Future of Grocery Retail Amid Second Wave [Interview]

The CEO of the massive grocery conglomerate discusses the future of the business which is shifting online.

Grocery Supplier Fees Harm Food Manufacturers and Independent Grocers: Expert

Sylvain Charlebois says that a code of practice is required to save the industry, and if nothing is done the consumer will also suffer.

Voilà by Sobeys Continues Canadian Expansion Amid Home Delivery Grocery Disruption

The company’s recently launched grocery home delivery service satisfies current demand while driving growth for tomorrow.

Sobeys Launches ‘Future of Online Grocery Shopping’ in GTA

The cutting-edge online grocery home delivery service will be rolled out across the country as Empire beefs up its operations amid COVID-19.

How Canadian Retailers Can Flex to Reach Gen Z and Beyond

An industry expert explains how in today’s retail landscape, brands and retailers must create experiences, integrate technology, and build an ecosystem that’s flexible and responsive to each consumer’s unique path to purchase.

AI ‘Smart Carts’ to Transform Grocery Retail in Canada: Expert

Sylvain Charlebois explains how the consumer experience in Canadian grocery retailers could transform to become ‘frictionless’, and that interactions with store employees could be eliminated altogether. However there are still some challenges associated with a major roll-out, he says.

2018 Canadian Retail Forecast [Analysis]

We’re predicting that this year will be one of highs and lows — Sears Canada will shutter, Nordstrom Rack will enter Canada, marijuana will be legalized, and plenty of other developments.
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