Solange Strom

The Customer is Still Always Right: Expert Op-Ed

While retailers may blame consumers for certain behaviours, two experts say that it's retailers that need to look in the mirror when consumers complain.

A Positive Employee Experience is Good for Retailers’ Bottom Line [Op-Ed]

Two industry experts say that providing a positive experience for employees will translate into their offering better service to clients.

Retailers in Canada Must Compete for Talent Amid Challenges Due to the Pandemic: Expert

Solange Strom says that the pandemic has exacerbated the problem disproportionately for the retail industry, which will lead to significant competition for the best talent.

The Future of Retail in Canada: Op-Ed

Industry experts Solange Strom and Frederic Dimanche discuss the balance of physical and digital, and how people will be important to success in the industry.
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