Will Canadian Nordstroms Include Wedding Dresses?

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Despite the potential demand, no Vancouver (or Canadian?) department stores include bridal departments. We’re specifically referring to where a bride-to-be can buy dresses. That might change when Nordstrom opens.

A Holt Renfrew insider tells us that Holt’s Vancouver gets a significant number of requests from potential clients for bridal dresses. The Bay is probably similar. A Nordstrom insider tells us that Nordstrom might introduce its ‘Wedding Suite’ concept to Canada via its new Vancouver, BC store. Further Wedding Suites could open in other Canadian Nordstrom locations. Nordstrom currently has 18 American Wedding Suite departments.

Image: wwd.com (Nordstrom, Paramus NJ)

Wedding Suite includes dresses, shoes and accessories, along with personal styling. If women are still getting married in 2015, they may have one more place to visit.

Nordstrom Wedding Suite website: http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/wedding-suite-locations?origin=leftnav

Nordstrom website: www.nordstrom.com



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