Olympic Gold Medalist Ross Rebagliati to Open Canadian Marijuana Stores

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Ross Rebagliati, the Canadian Olympic gold medallist professional snowboarder, will open Medical Marijuana retail franchises in Whistler BC, Vancouver and Toronto. Locations have yet to be determined, and we’ve been told their ‘flagship location’ will open in Whistler this spring after the Canadian federal government privatizes the medical marijuana production industry.

The franchise’s brand will be called ‘Ross’ Gold’, and Robagliati forecasts that the franchise could make millions. A third-party business partner assisted with preparing this through market and product analysis

Readers may remember the 1998 Olympic controversy surrounding Rebagliati after a blood test showed he had THC (the principal cannabinoid of the cannabis plant) in his blood. He was allowed to keep his gold medal, and Rebagliati  maintained that the THC readings were from second-hand smoke. His latest business venture makes us wonder. 

To quote his company’s ‘business model’: 
“The Canadian Government is only now privatizing the medical marijuana industry, and the company intends to build traction and revenues through the sale of legal retail items before other players enter the marketplace. This will give the company a competitive advantage while the application processes are vetted out by the government.  Ultimately, the company intends to successfully apply to become a medical marijuana producer and  build a franchise model to license stores throughout Canada.When and if marijuana is decriminalized in Canada like it has been in the American states of Washington and Colorado, the opportunity would also exist for the company to become a government licensed supplier to the general public.

Ross’ Gold ‘Business Model’: http://www.rebagliatigold.com/business_model.html



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