Retail Insider to Launch Multi-Topic Briefs

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Retail Insider is expanding its reporting to include briefs that will discuss several topics in one post, and these will be published in addition to our regular daily articles. We’re doing this because there’s a lot happening in Canadian retail, and this gives us an opportunity to efficiently report on topics that might be too short to warrant their own article, or might otherwise not have enough information to be lengthy. 

We will continue to publish our daily articles with original content as well as our daily ‘News From Around the Web’, in addition to the new Retail Insider Briefs. 

In the new Retail Insider Briefs, as well, we’ll be expanding our content to include more quick service restaurant reporting, as well as happenings, events, and other relevant topics that might be of interest to readers.  

We welcome pitches for our new multi-topic Briefs. For more information and to provide suggestions, feel free to contact Retail Insider’s Editor-in-Chief, Craig Patterson, at:

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