RCC STORE Conference 2019 to Showcase Expansive Tech Innovation for First Time

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Retail Council of Canada’s annual STORE Conference will be held May 28-29, 2019 in Toronto, and this year’s event will feature demonstrations from tech companies showcasing the latest in innovation like never before. An equally impressive roster of speakers are scheduled for both days of the Conference, with well over 2,000 people already registered to attend.  

Tickets are still available for the conference and we’ve been provided with a discount code: Use RI50 to get $50 off admission.

Some of the world’s leading tech innovations for the retail industry will be on display at this year’s STORE Conference. Exhibitors range from start-ups to established players that are helping the retail industry remain innovative at a time of intense competition and growing e-commerce. 

Microsoft, for example, will be showcasing several innovative technologies that are being adopted in some of the world’s best retail concepts. Microsoft technology demonstrations will include HoloLens, which is a mixed reality device that Microsoft describes as being a “fully functional Windows 10 headset”. Users can use simple gestures to control the device, and as part of the demonstration Microsoft will showcase digital planogram that allows merchandisers to design store interiors and components virtually.

Other Microsoft innovations to be demonstrated include a user-friendly digital dashboard called Power BI, which empowers analysts to break down data without having to create complex queries. Another demonstration will showcase how Microsoft uses mobile PoS systems in its Microsoft Stores to help associates and consumers improve the overall flow of transactions. Microsoft is also bringing back Pepper the humanoid robot, who will be on hand to illustrate how robotics are becoming useful assistants within the brick and mortar environment.

Microsoft partner DXC Technology will showcase its in-store technologies, including demonstrating how the customer experience can be ‘just as digital as online shopping’, while being potentially even more engaging. 

The future of fashion will be on display with Ontario startup Passen, which will showcase its innovative 3D modelling technology that could revolutionize body measurements as we know them today. Passen’s digital measurement technology captures and uses data to deliver great fit for customers buying clothes online and even in stores, while at the same time reducing retail returns. Founder Stuart Campbell explained that in 2018, a whopping $30-billion worth of apparel product were purchased online and returned to retailers — Passen aims to streamline the process by creating accurate measurements that can guarantee fit. Visitors can “step into the dressing room of the future” at STORE Conference, which will feature Passen’s technology.

Imagination Park Technologies will make STORE Conference’s show floor come to life with innovative gamification technology that allows shopping centre visitors to see an ‘extra layer’ to brick-and-mortar retail by holding up their mobile devices, with innovations such as being able to shop a store’s windows as well as pop-up graphics revealing what’s inside, for example. 

Skymattix will provide delegates with Instagramable moments at its Roots pop-up that will showcase Skymattix Interactive 3D scanning that allows customers to experience an immersive store experience from the comfort of their living rooms. Customers can tour a store using their favourite digital divide, or through VR-enabled goggles. Using Skymattix technology, shoppers can click on a product or family of products and be taken directly to the e-commerce site for purchase. 

Other attractions include HP’s booth that will not only be showing the latest technology, but will also be giving out Sweet Jesus ice cream. TC Transcontinental is partnering with Publisac, a leader in flyer distribution, to showcase interactive selfie mirror technology for delegates to capture photographic moments at the show. KPMG will bring its ‘relaxation lounge’ to the conference that will include massage chairs.

Major Conference sponsor Salesforce will showcase its latest technology to assist retailers in partnership with Best Buy, which will include a ‘café experience’ that will offer delegates a boost of espresso and cappuccino. Salesforce’s single-engagement platform spans across commerce, marketing and service. With that, every retailer can delight consumers with AI-based recommendations, extraordinary support and seamless experiences. 

There will be many other retail innovations on display at this year’s STORE Conference, which will be the biggest and best yet, according to Retail Council of Canada. A roster of more than 70 world-class speakers will also be on hand to discuss the latest trends, challenges and opportunities for the industry. With more than 2,000 attendees and breaks between sessions, there will be ample networking opportunities at this year’s event as well. 

STORE Conference will be held at the Toronto Congress Centre with the Excellence in Retailing Awards being held the evening of Tuesday May 28, and the Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards to be held the evening of Wednesday, May 29. For more information on this year’s Retail Council of Canada STORE Conference visit:

Come join us again at Retail Council of Canada’s STORE Conference 2019. Use Discount code RI50 to receive $50 off admission.


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