‘Maple Leaf Displays’ Launches ‘Vertical Vendor Display’ Unit in Canada

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By Kayla Matthews

Toronto-based Maple Leaf Displays Inc. has launched a new product in Canada called Vertical Vendor that innovates the point-of-purchase display formula.

In the past, store display units followed a simple pattern for attracting a customer’s attention. They would see marketing material for a piece of merchandise next to the merchandise itself — a tried-and-true technique.

Vertical Vendor takes that same concept and expands on it. The display uses a calibrated spring and advanced injection-moulded air-flow system to provide convenience for customers and employees alike. When a customer removes an item, Vertical Vendor automatically elevates the remaining stock to replace it.

In Europe, brands such as Coca Cola, Heineken, Corona and Carlsberg are using vertical vendors with great success.

In other words, Maple Leaf Displays’ new product has clear value for a variety of companies. The introduction of these displays has shown to increase sales by up to 35% or more, a substantial boost for any business owner. Marketers in Canada have already taken notice, and they’re naturally curious about the display’s capabilities.

  • 4-pack

  • 6-pack

  • 8-pack

  • 12pack

  • 18-pack

  • 24-pack

It has obvious appeal for convenience store owners who must adapt to expanded beer and wine sales. They’ll efficiently manage their inventory of alcohol, meeting the demands of customers while taking the pressure off employees. Vertical Vendor has a broad spectrum of benefits for various individuals.

A customer may fail to notice a new product if there’s nothing to distinguish it from other merchandise. A colourful, eye-catching sign can quickly draw the attention of that customer and make them momentarily pause. It’s a simple method for moving products, and Vertical Vendor builds on its success.

Vertical Vendor’s compact shape allows for flexible placement. The business owner can maneuver their display depending on sales activity or a specific campaign. If they have to rebrand Vertical Vendor for a new promotion, they can adjust its appearance in a short amount of time.

In summary, this recent release from Maple Leaf Displays Inc. is a notable advancement in point-of-purchase displays. With the product’s convenient design, high-grade metal composition, simplified mobility and adaptability, you’ll likely come across several Vertical Vendors in the next few years.

The point-of-purchase concept has seen many variations throughout its long history. With all these changes, the idea has remained the same: a simple formula which has proven its value for business owners. When you emphasize a product with a display, that product will see greater attention from your customers.

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