City of Toronto Retail Job Fair on Thursday September 30 Includes Over 15 Major Retailers Who are Hiring

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Retail Insider has partnered with the City of Toronto to host its September 2021 online Retail Job Fair. The online Retail Job Fair takes place from 11:00am to 3:00pm on Thursday, September 30. 

Retailers are still able to sign up and can visit this link to do so. Retailers seeking further information can also contact Veronica (Roni) Simic at

Every participating retailer will receive a free one month subscription to Hellohire, a recruiting tool that helps hire staff 80% faster with virtual job fairs and speed interviews.

Job applicants aged 16-29 can visit this link to register for the virtual event. Registration is required to attend and applicants can also upload resumes to the portal. 

Also available at Retail Job Fair for applicants: 

Coaches Support – Receive encouragement and recommendations on what to incorporate into your interview. 

Swob – Additional employment opportunities are also available on the platform for youth 16-29 years old with Employers who are currently hiring. 

If you have any questions, would like more information about the Retail Job Fair, or would like support with developing a resume, feel free to reach out to Veronica (Roni) Simic at

Past events have been successful, including 2020-21 Retail Job Fairs where over 1,500 youth attended virtually due to the pandemic. The City of Toronto has hosted in-person Retail Job Fairs since 2004 with over 15,000 job seekers in attendance, over 200 retail employers participating and over 8,000 job seekers hired for various positions. 

The Retail Job Fair is a unique customized job fair model exclusively supporting youth 16-29 years old in Toronto. These young and ambitious job seekers are identified as job ready and interested in not only working in the retail sector but also creating a career in retail. The Retail Job Fair provides the opportunity for youth to engage directly with employers who are recruiting for a variety of positions.

In preparation for attending the Retail Job Fair, job seekers have received support from various City of Toronto youth employment programs including Toronto Youth Partnerships and Employment (TYPE), Toronto Employment & Social Services (TESS), and Youth Employment Partnerships (YEP) network agencies. These teams work closely with youth prior to the Retail Job Fair to ensure they are coached and prepared and have any necessary supports they require, such as child care, resumes and financial support so they can attend interviews and start a career in retail. 



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