Lululemon Officially Launches Interactive Home Gym MIRROR in Canada Including In-Store Spaces 

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Vancouver-based lululemon announced Thursday that its interactive home gym MIRROR will be sold in nearly 40 lululemon stores across Canada beginning on November 22. The expansion means that MIRROR will be available in nearly 200 lululemon stores in North America as of next month, entering a crowded fitness space. 

As of this week, visitors to the lululemon stores featuring MIRROR in Canada can test the technology with ‘educators’ on hand. Those signing up before the November 22nd sales launch date will get a $250 gift certificate towards the purchase.  

“Community is at the heart of lululemon—and bringing MIRROR to Canada will enable more guests to interact with our growing collective and experience a digital sweatlife offering like never before,” said Celeste Burgoyne, President, Americas and Global Guest Innovation at lululemon. “We have seen rapid growth and strong engagement for MIRROR since launching in the United States and look forward to deepening our roots at home in Canada.”

In July of 2020, lululemon acquired MIRROR which now offers new live classes daily led by lululemon MIRROR Ambassadors, as well as thousands of on-demand workouts available 24/7, including boxing, barre, cardio, strength, yoga, and meditation. MIRROR also has inclusive offerings for family and prenatal/postnatal workouts for mothers. 

Certified trainers provide instruction, motivation and live feedback in classes spanning 50+ genres that range from five to 60-minute sessions for beginner to expert levels.

MIRROR in lululemon Downtown Toronto Photo: lululemon

MIRROR’s features include:

  • Camera On: Members can connect with friends in the MIRROR community to create an immersive sweat experience.
  • Face Offs: Members can compete one-on-one with friends in MIRROR classes. Points are earned when target heart rate zones are maintained.
  • High Fives: Members can send emojis to motivate friends in classes.
  • Friending: Members can find and follow friends in the MIRROR community.
  • Recommended for You: Members can receive a set of workouts each week based on their individual profile.

Mirror will be available in-store and online on November 22nd according to lululemon. 

The cost to buy MIRROR in Canada will be $1,895 and there will be a $49 monthly subscription fee to access content on the device.  Recently Nike, Apple and Amazon have launched virtual fitness services and earlier this year, Google acquired Fitbit for over USD $2 billion.

Peloton is also making significant moves in the Canadian market with standalone showrooms and the company recently reduced prices on its base-model bike by $600 from $2,495 to $1,895 — the same price as MIRROR. 



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