CF Chinook Centre in Calgary Adds Car Detailing as Malls in Canada Expand Services [Interview]

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Car detailing business YYC Quick Clean has opened its latest location at CF Chinook Centre in Calgary with plans to grow the brand across the country. 

The brand first launched in Saskatoon at the Midtown shopping centre in November 2018.

Lindsay Quick, co-owner of YYC Quick Clean and YXE Quick Clean, said the company provides a convenient way for people to have their vehicles cleaned while they shop.

Quick Clean is located in the underground parkades of both malls.

“We knew that CF Chinook was our first choice for our next step after our Midtown location was established and we’re seeing success there year over year,” said Quick. 

“We actually began the conversation with Chinook a couple of years ago and then of course like everyone else we were blindsided by COVID and then we weren’t able to carry on our conversation. We opened in September. And we definitely are interested in opening more locations, certainly in Alberta and beyond. That is on the books for sure for us in the next 12 to 24 months.”

YYC Quick Clean (Image: YYC Quick Clean)

Shannon Perschon, Property Manager, Management, CF Chinook Centre, said the shopping centre was approached by other car detailing companies throughout the years.

“But there was something different about Quick Clean. When they approached us years ago we could just see there was an attention to detail, a professional build-out that they had done at Midtown. The product offering was excellent. So we knew that it would definitely be an added bonus to Chinook if we could make this happen and find the right location.

Shannon Perschon

“Which we did. North Parkade. Perfect spot. Our newest parkade. Warm. We had a perfect spot for them right when you drive in. So super convenient. So with that we thought this was the right time to try this out with them and they’re the right partner so let’s do this.

“With this one-stop shopping experience, we already have tons of restaurants, premium shopping and lots of entertainment, this is really a unique and convenient added bonus. So you can drive right into the North Parkade Level 1, drop off your vehicle and go shopping for a few hours and come back to a sparkling clean vehicle. It’s pretty simple and customers love it and as well the staff in the mall love it. The staff in the professional tower also love it because they’re working here every day.”

YYC Quick Clean (Image: YYC Quick Clean)
YYC Quick Clean (Image: YYC Quick Clean)

Quick co-owns the business with her husband and business partner Peter. In 2016, they traveled to his home country of Poland. He grew up in a town of about 100,000 people.

“And when he took me to the shopping centre of the town, we had to pick up a few things, I saw that they had a vehicle detailing location in the underground parkade there,” she said.

“I grew up a mall rat if you will and I also really appreciate having a clean vehicle and I like to shop. But I don’t like to do the actual cleaning but I appreciate having a clean vehicle. And when we were in the underground parkade in Poland and I saw that vehicle detailing location I wondered why can’t we have one.”

Quick was born and raised in Saskatoon and has been visiting the Midtown shopping centre since before she could drive.

“I spent a lot of time in that mall. Grew up in that mall. And I just knew that this was a service that I wanted for myself and we have seen it’s a service that other people appreciate as well,” she said.

YYC Quick Clean (Image: YYC Quick Clean)

The location in Chinook is a two-level operation. In 2019, Quick and her husband took a trip to Australia where they found a detailing business in Sydney that really shaped their vision for what the Chinook location should look like. 

“The Chinook location is an advanced setup from what we have at Midtown. There are four bays on the main level where clients drive in and drop off their vehicle. It’s right outside of the doors. It could not be more convenient,” said Quick.

“Then we move your vehicle from the P1 location down to the basement in the back corner where we’re not in the way and we detail your vehicle there and bring it up to you at the front door when you’re ready to leave.”

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