Erin Mills Town Centre in Mississauga Adding New Retailers with Eye on Future Residential Use [Interviews]


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A $100-million investment in the redevelopment of the Erin Mills Town Centre a few years ago has transformed the property into a premium shopping destination in Mississauga with the potential of future residential use being eyed for the site.

Jeff Barbosa, General Manager at Erin Mills Town Centre, said the mall has done a great job in recent years of growing with the demographic in the area.

Jeff Barbosa

“Right now with the Centre with all the development we’ve done since 2014 the Centre itself I think we’re pretty well wrapped up with the development for the building itself,” said Barbosa.

“There is some conversation on possibly some exterior amenities on some of our land.”

Erin Mills Town Centre (Image: Erin Mills Town Centre)

In the area, there is incredible residential condo growth around the Centre.

“There is some more retail growth that will happen out on pads, but residential will be the future growth outside the enclosed mall which means the mall becomes the amenity to the residential and the residential becomes a brand new customer base for the mall,” said Andrea McGowen, Executive Managing Director of Business Development and Leasing for Cushman & Wakefield Asset Services, which manages the property.

Andrea McGowen

Barbosa said the idea would be that the Erin Mills Town Centre would be almost like an ecosystem of what is going to be surrounding the mall down the road.

The Centre was originally built in 1989 with about 850,000 square feet over two levels today and it sits on 84 acres of land. There are about 185 tenants. Anchor tenants include Hudson’s Bay, Walmart, the newly-opened Cineplex Junction and Marshalls.

Cineplex Junxion at Erin Mills Town Centre (Image: Erin Mills Town Centre)

Barbosa said the shopping centre has about 10 per cent vacancy currently.

Besides the Cineplex Junction, other key openings in the past year or so have included Marshalls and a Zellers shop-in-store at Hudson’s Bay.

“We have many exciting prospects planned. We can’t really divulge them at this time but I think considering this is a post-COVID environment I would say that we’re performing better than many properties. We’re in a great spot in terms of leasing. Having a vacancy of only 10 per cent is a great story considering what other businesses have gone through,” said Francesca Bourré, Marketing Director at Erin Mills Town Centre.

Francesca Bourré

“Erin Mills Town Centre has always been a vibrant hub for families and friends in the community and is considered the ultimate place to meet and greet.  We have continued that momentum to ensure that people know that we are there for them.”

McGowen said that in the past year and a half there has been about 70,000 square feet of new openings which include Cineplex Junction and Marshalls.

“We do have about another 40,000 square feet right now under negotiation. What we’re actively pursuing is undertaking that true evolution of the retail offering here so that we can satisfy our customers’ changing needs,” she said. “So that’s not only this food and beverage opportunity but we’ve also introduced a number of unique and entrepreneurial and diverse retailers that are actually speaking to our customers’ needs.

“There’s a Korean lifestyle brand that’s going to come in doing beauty, decor. We’ve got some Afrocentric clothing that’s coming in. We’ve got some Turkish and Middle Eastern retailers who are coming in and one that’s expanding with us. So you’re going to see that evolution of the offering to make sure we’re meeting the needs of our customers going forward.”

Marshalls at Erin Mills Town Centre (Image: Erin Mills Town Centre)

Marshalls and Cineplex Junction took the majority of the space in the former Sears box which was about 135,000 square feet in total. There’s about 45,000 square feet left with the majority on the lower level. There is ‘paper’ on that lower level space to lease out that space but that has not been finalized.

“It is not a prototypical retail offering. It will have offshoots that will take space in the rest of the mall that will be more of a customer centric retail offering but we’re looking to evolve that use and add some different uses to the shopping centre,” said McGowen.

According to the Centre, the $100-million transformation included:
A spectacular new architechtural Sphere has been added to float over Centre Court and allow natural light to flood into the shopping centre.  The Sphere is 283 feet in circumference and its double curved glass construction is one of its kind in the world.

Visit the new Food Court and Outdoor Patio today for a bright and fresh experience featuring 26-foot tall windows and spectacular views of the city. 

The impressive new main entrance (Entrance ‘A’ near Hudson’s Bay) features a striking glass facade that is over 40 feet tall and 350 feet wide. New entrances have also been added to the Tim Horton’s and Shoppers Drug Mart wings in addition to a complete renovation of Shoppers Drug Mart, now offering the Beauty Boutique.

The upper and lower level wings have been completely redeveloped and feature European limestone floors, elevated ceilings and enhanced new lighting for a modern & refreshed shopping experience.

A brand new elevator has been installed in Centre Court and brand new escalators have been installed in each of the anchors’ wings as well as in Centre Court and at the new Main Entrance near the Food Court.  The new elevator and escalators will improve navigation throughout the centre.

Modern new washrooms (women’s, mens’, family & nursing rooms) are located on the upper level in the Food Court and on the lower level in the H&M hallway.

Shoppers Drug Mart at Erin Mills Town Centre (Image: Erin Mills Town Centre)
Outdoor Food Court Patio at Erin Mills Town Centre (Image: Erin Mills Town Centre)

Erin Mills Town Centre provides an attractive shopping environment in the heart of Mississauga, catering to a dynamic family market comprised of 255,422 households, with an average income of $116,000, far above the Canadian average household income of $79,000. The majority of the market consists of families, with an average age of 35 years.

The Erin Mills Town Centre customer market is upscale, with high projected growth in the suburban area of west Mississauga, Milton and Oakville. They are comprised of two main groups; the young family who are first time homebuyers building their careers, and focusing their energy and time on their children. They are time pressed, and therefore enjoy small indulgences and buying for their growing family. The other is an established family with children and an active lifestyle. They are professionals who shop at quality branded stores who indulge in the finer things. They are busy and involved in family activities. They can afford to buy finer quality, trend and brand merchandise for themselves and their children.

“We pride ourselves in offering programs with some falling under the national Cushman umbrella. Programs include International Women’s Day and Mental Health Awareness events and activations. Many of these efforts are important to our community,” said Bourre.

“This is very much the essence of Erin Mills Town Centre – to be a part of the community. We’re building towards residential and which will continue to speak to our brand positioning and a leader in community efforts.”

Mario Toneguzzi
Mario Toneguzzi
Mario Toneguzzi, based in Calgary, has more than 40 years experience as a daily newspaper writer, columnist, and editor. He worked for 35 years at the Calgary Herald covering sports, crime, politics, health, faith, city and breaking news, and business. He is the Senior News Editor with Retail Insider in addition to working as a freelance writer and consultant in communications and media relations/training.


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